Suspect Sandisk Cruzer fleur drives listed on ebay

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A number of sellers listed these flash drives on ebay at prices we consider rather too low for them to be genuine – we suspect they came from fraudulent wholesalers in China. Here is a screenshot showing the price of a 4GB model on the Sandisk site:

fleur price

An ebay member who bid and won one of these checked the Sandisk site and was a bit worried about the discrepancy between the price you pay if you buy directly from Sandisk and the member’s winning bid. The buyer decided to contact the seller before paying. Here is the correspondence between them:

27th July – Buyer:
Hi there,
I would like your assurance that this flash drive is genuinely 4GB before I pay. A lot of flash drives sold on ebay come from fraudulent wholesalers in China. I will test it on arrival with h2testw if you assure me it is genuine.

If you cannot do so I suggest you download this free program and test any flash memory items you sell with this before listing them on ebay and remove any current listings until you have checked items are genuinely the capacity claimed by your supplier.

28tg July – Seller:
Enter your response Dear h*********1,

thanks for your inquiry and we confirm this item is the best replacement
and this item has a good quality,please don’t worry about the actual capacity issue!
and if there is any problem, we will always be responsible for our items!
Sorry for any inconvenience!

Yours sincerely,

What do you mean by “don’t worry about the actual capacity issue” ?? Do you mean you guarantee it is genuinunely 4GB?

Dear h*********1,

Thanks for getting back to us so quickly!
and the item has a capacity of about around 3.8g! sorry there is a little error for most card!
hope it it s clear!

Yours sincerely,

29th July – Buyer:
It’s not an error – it’s what is called the overhead – there is never the full capacity available for storage. If you only looked at the capacity in the operating system that is not enough to establish the true capacity. Only full testing will do this.

29th July – Buyer:
Hi there, I notice you have no items listed at the moment. I am wondering whether this means that my concerns about your items being genuine were founded? Please get in touch about this. Thank you

30th July – Seller
Dear hxxxxxxxx1,

Sorry for the confusion. we were confirmed by our supplier it is geniune!
since we are clearing up our stock for some reason right now, thus no listing on ebay. we will re-list them when all stuff is ready!
hope this can clearify your confusion! thank you!

Yours sincerely,

Oh yes? really? We think that it the seller rather than the buyer who is confused here. There were quite a number of listing which were not due to end for several days which suddenly vanished before the buyer sent the question on the 29th.

UPDATE 05 August 2009:
The buyer proceeded with the purchase and has reported in saying that that the drive arrived this morning and appears to be genuine. Once we have all the information from the buyer a post about this will appear on the fakememorsentinel site. It seems (from what the buyer tells us) that this may be a genuine and trustworth seller after all. If this is so (as information from the buyer so far indicates) we will cheer and give this seller good publicity!