Singapore Organized Crime Gang eBay Oct. 2011 Update.

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The Singapore gang rip off brought to you by our friends at eBay and Paypal.

The Singapore eBay gang is selling 256gb,128gb, 64gb, 32gb 16gb usb and sd cards. The Singapore gang also sells fake 1tb, 2tb, 3tb Western Digital hard drives, camera lens and cell phone batteries.

By Spookie

The Singapore gang id can always be identified by checking the feed back left on his

feedback page. If a Singapore id has feedback left buy a buyer for a cell phone battery

and that buyer is from Singapore, he is a Singapore gang member. There may be multiple

groups using the same method of operation, one uses private auctions, the other does not.

This is the current list of Singapore sellers. There are 749 id’s on this list. Here are some of them:

The one’s highlighted in red have sold fake flash memory.

yellow highlighted are one’s that have had their information erased by eBay (guess whose side eBay is on).

The blue highlighted have sold fake usb hard drives, and the strikethrough are no longer registered (eBay finally suspended them or they closed their accounts to run with the money).


Here is a list of Singapore gangs accounts they are using to manipulated their feedback.


These eBay accounts send out fake positive feedback from their accounts for batteries they supposedly purchased.

Lets look at the following Singapore seller’s feedback page, you will see that all of the feedback is from buyers on this list. You will also see that they all bought Nokia batteries.



The Singapore gangs just keep on ripping off unsuspecting buyers over and over and over and eBay does nothing. 749 id’s on the current list? We have tracked more than 3,000 so far.

If you have purchased any flash memory from the Singapore gang, test it with the gold standard H2testw, report your fakes to SOSFakeFlash for detailed investigation and to FakeFlashNews.

Good luck getting any refunds from eBay or Paypal……

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