Does a Flash Memory Micro SD Card At 128GB Capacity Exist? Shenzhen Wushengda Technology Co Ltd Would Have You Believe They Do.

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Buying flash memory cards wholesale from an internet site can be tricky and dangerous. Fraud is lurking for sellers who want a quick profit buying cheap and selling high for flash memory cards. Recently a seller in the China, Shenzhen Wushengda Technology Co Ltd was spotted by a buyer frauded on eBay. The victim began to investigate and sent information to SOSFakeFlash. The team at this site had a heart attack when they saw the images! The information was passed along to the Internet Watch Dogs for fake memory. They too began having strokes.

The images too familiar, the database at SOSFakeFlash has many of these same images on file for fraudulent sellers on eBay. The eBay victim had just uncovered a major conduit for generic fake memory cards leaking into so many internet sites. How Shenzhen Wushengda Technology Co Ltd can offer a Micro SD card in sizes ranging from only 64MB to 128GB? Is it possible they have such a large inventory? Or will they offer the size you desire custom built? You can guess what custom built flash memory means, upgraded flash memory. It’s a nice and polite way to describe a fake flash memory chip, digitally altered to lie to operating systems about the real size of the flash memory storage chip.

It’s no secret that manufacturing facilities in China offer both real capacity flash memory chips and fake capacity ones. It depends on the price you are willing to pay. It you want to import cheap and at unrealistic prices they will make a fake for you, if you are willing to pay the real and realistic price for flash memory chips you get true capacity. It is your choice. It is your reputation as a seller at stake. Depending on your country, you could end up facing ruin: criminal prosecution, even a sentence in prison for selling fake memory cards. No one will be sympathetic to you claiming innocence and ignorance about real prices for flash memory chips.

Do you really think Shenzhen Wushengda Technology Co Ltd is able to offer a 128GB Flash Memory card? If you do, please read:

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to find out who is able to make a 128 GB flash memory card. You might find the information very suprising. If you are a consumer or a reseller interested in 128Gb flash memory cards you must real the article!

Shenzhen Wushengda

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