Fake Sony 32GB 64GB 120GB 360GB 500GB Micro Vault USB Flash Drives Available on eBay!

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You can now buy a genuine super sized fake Sony Micro Vault drive on eBay! These drives are designed for those who want a large capacity flash drive and are confident in Sony’s reputation. You can also buy less exotic versions with just the “Sony” brand name. These are special usb flash drives – designed to help you lose your precious data and of course empty your wallet too.

The fake flash sellers who are eager to sell to you on eBay come in many guises. Some set up respectable looking listings – very business like. Others sport the home grown look of a local seller just trying to offer something nice at a reasonable price. Others are very crafty. FakeFlashNews and SOSFakeFlash have already published other articles on the subject of counterfeits under the Sony brand name, just type “Sony” into the search box to see what is available at the sites.

In this article we will cover the latest seller discovered on eBay – lozzy_17, Sony Electronics Warning and Help, Where to find the real models produced by Sony and also present historical background on Alerts to Fake Sony Flash drives. We are even have the 16 report written by BJ Gleason available for download.

Just this week Zahid issued urgent alerts at SOSFakeFlash about an ebay seller lozzy_17. Zahid has been paroling eBay for suspicious listings – he read the warning issued about Private Auctions by SOSFakeFlash and the need for volunteers to help. We fell off our chairs – What? Somebody is selling a 500GB Flash Memory Drive? You’ve got to be kidding! There aren’t going to be drives like that available to the public for several years. Why? They are not there yet in technology – miniaturizing the flash chips so they are the same size at current USB memory sticks will take some work! Selling at a consumer affordable price, that will also be a challenge. Right now the highest available size is 64GB and come from manufacturers of memory chips.

This article is a MUST Read for anyone who has a Sony Counterfeit, needs help for a Sony counterfeit flash drive or wants to know what is a real or not real for Sony Flash Drives.

So how does eBay seller lozzy_17 fit in with Sony fakes? We examined the listings and the photo’s. The pictures are so tiny. Clever! As you enlarge them they loose resolution. We are familiar with the packaging for Sony Fakes – not new to us. And we had good luck with the 120GB drive. Sony clearly indicated on the packaging. Tiny pictures that are murky is normally not how a seller wants to present his wares. What really got our attention was using PRIVATE AUCTION listings to hide the buyer id. Seller lozzy_17 was careful NOT to mention the Sony Brand name. Odd. If you are offering a genuine Sony product at a fabulous price you would shout it from the roof tops! We won’t comment on the other things the seller sells except that it is not “main stream”.

The sizes lozzy_17 is offering fits in perfectly with what Sony has to say later in this article. We intent to capture and preserve the information as proof that such things are really being sold on eBay. Hard to believe but true.

Seller: lozzy_17 ( 8 )

USB 2.0 upgrade 500GB Flash Memory Drive
Item number: 260343016192


USB 2.0 upgrade 360GB Flash Memory Drive
Item number: 260343019545


USB 2.0 120GB upgrade Flash Memory Drive

Item number: 260343021770


USB 2.0 Brand New 64GB Flash Memory Drive

Item number: 260341270021


USB 2.0 Brand New 32GB Flash Memory Drive

Item number: 260343072543


We are dying to know – exactly what does seller lozzy_17 mean by “Up Grade”? Is it an upgrade when one buys counterfeit flash usb drives? That is, upgrading from a true capacity (non data loss drive) to a false capacity drive (upgrading to data loss)? We aren’t sure what he meant.

Here are some more eBay Sellers currently listing similar merchandise:

kg_enterprise – 260339009283


kg enterprize1

001pawlak – 150319994174

64GB 2.0 USB Flash Memory Drive


wise2009 – 180319188074

High Speed USB 62.375GB Micro Vault


bennyboy182 160308847846

64G USB Flash Drive


The listings could on and on and on. There are always new ones. But you can get the picture from the photos – they are not genuine Sony flash drives! If you see any packaging like that watch out!

Please read: Sony Electronics WARNING on COUNTERFEIT PRODUCTS

written by Steve Haber, Senior Vice President – Digital Imaging & Audio Devices. Sony has a few important words for you on flash drives. They also have an email address you can write to. Sony’s Brand Integrity Unit at:


The most important thing they have to say?

Sony HAS NEVER manufactured a USB Micro Vault in the following capacities: 32gb, 64gb, 120gb, 240gb, 360gb.

If you have purchased a Sony flash drive in the capacities described above, whether on eBay or elsewhere – send the fake flash seller the url address to Sony’s message on eBay – the Warning link above! Advise that you will take action. Also in any claim make sure to send the url address to both eBay and PayPal if you purchased your fake on eBay.

If you want to buy a Sony Mirco Vault flash drive, do your homework first. Please visit Sony’s site to see what they really make in models. If they don’t offer the drive you see for sale – it isn’t one of their products – read FAKE – counterfeit!

Historical Information

2007 Vermutlich gefälscht: Sony Vaio USB-Speicherstick 8 GB by Markus Hansen

2005 Report on “Sony 8GB Micro Vault USB 2.0” memory stick 14 Dec 2005 by BJ Gleason, bjgleas@gmail.com

Written in 2005 16 Pages PDF 553KB download The Seoul Computer club Closed December 2008

Sony Thumb Drives small

Update April 4th, 2009 – Visit these sites for additional information: