DT310 512GB Kingston DataTraveler Now Available! Where Can You Buy One?

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Where can you buy a DT310/512GB Kingston DataTraveler usb flash drive? On eBay. Recently an eBay seller registered in Ireland was foolish enough to list a DT310 advertised at a capacity of 512 GB Go on eBay!

DT310 eBay 512GB Listing

The listing did not last long, it vanished quickly as eBay continues to fear legal action from Kingston Technologies. eBay likes to moan and groan and wring their hands with excuses. They give many excuses to frauded eBay members who buy fake capacity flash memory and counterfeits on eBay. They also give the same excuses to brand names, especially Kingston Technologies.

Not too long ago a frauded buyer explained how easy it was for eBay to protect buyers:

Can eBay Stop The Sale Of Fake And Counterfeit Memory? A Frauded Buyers Simple Insight To Solving The Problem For Fraudulent eBay Listings.

It is not rocket science or difficult to do, but as FlashChipDirector makes clear, it would be the end of flash memory listings on eBay. Or would it? We wonder. FakeFlashNews must concede eBay would lose a lot of revenue and have few listings to offer. eBay can not afford to have few listings for genuine flash memory. It would reveal that flash memory is not cheap. eBay promotes the myth that they offer the cheapest bargains available. It might be true for other listing categories, but not for flash memory products. They are being sold at rock bottom prices at real capacity. So the only bargains are for fake capacity. According to SOSFakeFlash, the recent estimate is at about 1.5 million eBay members frauded for false flash memory in the past 9 years, it could be much higher. The new counterfeit DT310 512GB flash drive has been added to FlashChipTutor’s collection:

Counterfeit DT310/512GB Kingston DataTraveler USB Flash Drive – It Is A Fake! DT310 512 GB Never Manufactured

The sad truth, eBay is one internet site not interested in protecting bidders or offering only genuine flash memory capacity. They spend more time removing listings so buyers can not consult a won purchase then they do in warning or refunding buyers for a seller confirmed to sell fake flash memory. It’s about deception and hiding the truth on fraud they have permitted in the flash memory arena for over 9 years.

It is frightening. You would think buyers would have learned the truth about buying flash memory on eBay. We suspect about 100 buyers are frauded every 60 minutes on eBay for flash memory items, it could even be about 300. It’s a truth eBay will continue desperately to hide.

eBay Flash Memory Fraud Continues. 8 Years later, eBay Continues Cover Up For Fraudulent Asian Sellers. 8GB 16GB 32GB 64GB 128GB 256GB Advertised Capacity = 4GB Real Capacity Or Less

We doubt there will be many 512GB flash drive pen stick listings on eBay in the near future. After all, they are not currently available to consumers and won’t be for quite some time. When they are they will be very expensive. If consumers assume they will be cheap, then they will suffer only one unhappy experience – FRAUD!

Meanwhile, foolish sellers will continue to believe in selling things that are not real and buyers will continue to be deceived.

When it comes to flash memory, both sellers and consumers need to do their homework before buying. If they don’t fraud is waiting. Internet sites in China are happy to oblige, indulge and promote any and every illusion and fantasy, most cheap and inexpensive too.

If anyone purchases a DT310 advertised at 512GB there is only one reality – a fake, data loss pending and money most likely lost too.

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