Fake 32GB MP Players

Posted on July 28, 2009 by


Did you get a great deal on a 32GB MP Player? Did you test for the real capacity against the advertised capacity?

Never rely on what your operating system says the size is. You should always test using H2testw. It is copyrighted software but offered free to help people find out what the real size is for usb flash based memory technology.

32GB MP Players are selling like hot cakes on eBay. Do know why? Buyers actually think they can buy a real 32GB for $40 US or less.

Consider this 32GB MP Player sold by ebay fake flash seller kinhome88. Looks very appealing and attractive. Is it 32GB?

kinhome88-MP Player 32GB

Well the operating system says it is. But when tested with H2testw it was found to be only 3.6GB.

No, it was not a defective mp player.

The memory storage chip was manipulated to report a larger size to the operating system, that is why you will have trouble with your music files if you bought a fake. No place to put those MP files once the real size is exceeded.


If you bought an MP Player at a fabulous price, watch out! Test it immediately. You are very likely a victim of a fake, not a defective MP Player.

If eBay was the source of your purchase, report in to SOSFakeFlash using their Report A Fake Tab.

This wonderful illustration of the facts was contributed by a victim on eBay. Contributions are always welcomed by SOSFakeFlash. It helps people to understand the problem.

Be very careful purchasing MP Players on eBay. Fake MP Players is now one of the biggest sources of revenue for fake flash sellers on eBay. You will get a real MP Player at a cheap price but it will have an undersized flash chip that could be difficult to reset to it’s true capacity. You also risk viruses that are frequently found on accompanying software CD’s or on the MP Player, if it is a fake. Complaints in feedback against sellers is increasing against ebay fake flash sellers for MP Players in connection to viruses along with false capacity.

As most victims discover in the end:

If it is too good to be true, it usually is.