Fake Kingston DataTraveler R500 128GB GB GO USB 2.0 Flash Drive For Sale On eBay! Fraud Warning DTR500/128GB. Another Counterfeit Kingston DataTraveler Storm On eBay?

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The first listing for a fake counterfeit Kingston DataTraveler R500 usb flash drive has appeared on eBay. How long before the R500 fakes floods eBay, joining the DT200 and DT310 models – the most popular fakes sold on eBay. Is The R500 DataTraveler going to be the next hot counterfeit to sell on eBay?

FakeMemorySentinel issued this warning:

R500 Kingston DataTraveler 128 GB Go Only EUR 16.62 eBay Flash Memory Seller dilgnsa Australia – Test Immediately To Verify Advertised Capacity. Please Avoid Fake Memory Products! Fälschung?

TechChips published on this new Kingston DataTraveler R500 product line and revealed the current prices in:

Kingston DataTraveler R500 128GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive Model DTR500/16GB – DTR500/32GB – DTR500/64GB – DTR500/128GB. The Replacement For DT200 USB Flash Drives. A Close Up Look DataTraveler R500.

You should review the real prices for the R500 DataTraveler TechChips reported. It includes prices found at reputable internet sites.

The Kingston DataTraveler R500 is a replacement for the DT200. The DT200 has been discontinued. The R500 Data Traveler usb flash drive is faster in speed and cheaper.

DT200 Kingston DataTraveler USB Flash Drives Retired Discontinued. Only Remaining Market Left Appears For Counterfeits And Fake DT-200s. More Recent Kingston USB Flash Drives Cheaper Than DT200.

The seller spotted by FakeMemorySentinel, dilgnsa, has his eBay id registered in Australia on Jul-09-2011. The listing indicates the item ships from Ireland.

According to FakeMemorySentinel investigators, fake memory products are being rerouted on eBay. From China to the United States for example, with the eBay vendor being registered in yet another country.


In the case of the fake R500 128GB flash drive listing, the seller is registered in Australia while the item is reported to be in Ireland.

Too much negative press for eBay sellers registered in Hong Kong, China and Singapore is causing the counterfeiters to seek new routes to unload their fake flash memory items on eBay. By suggesting the item location is in Europe or the United States, a false sense of security is presented to eBay buyers desperately trying to avoid buying a fake.

Asian eBay sellers still unload a lot of fake flash memory on eBay but they are caught. For eBay seller ids registered in western countries it is another matter.

When a seller offers a price of only 16.62 EUR for a DataTraveler at advertised capacity of 128GB, why do members still bid and buy?

First the DT150 was counterfeited, shortly afterwards the DT200, then both DT310 and DT300 DataTraveler usb flash drives fakes appeared. All are sold on eBay every day.

Will listings for fake R500 DataTravelers start flooding eBay soon?

TechReporters at FakeFlashNews believes it is only a matter of time, based on the pattern and history of the earlier Kingston DataTraveler model counterfeits.

Consumers are hungry for high capacity usb flash drives at a very low price. It clouds their judgment, it is a dangerous assumption to expect bargain prices high capacity for usb flash drives on eBay. Many confuse flash memory with external or internal usb hard drives when calculating price and capacity. It leads to fraud, heartache and lost data files.

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