eBay China Resumes Flash Memory Fraud With A Vengeance. If You Want A Cheap Bargain For USB Flash Drives, MP Players Or Memory Cards On eBay, Expect To Be Scammed. SanDisk, Memorette, Samsung, Transcend, Kingston Are All Losing Their Quality Reputations Thanks To eBay!

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eBay China determined to fraud buyers with fake and counterfeit flash memory products, despite negative press from the FrankenFlash project and SOSFakeFlash. eBay powerless to stop eBay sellers in China from listing fake capacity flash memory for usb flash drives, memory cards and mp players? So many internet warnings to stay away from eBay China, yet consumers are not listening. The pursuit of cheap prices and amazing deals cloud shopper judgment. What is the penalty to buyers on eBay? A dream of bargain soon sours into nightmare. Files lost, struggles to file a claim against a fraudulent seller, listings disappear from “won lists” as eBay sanitizes it’s complicity.

Nine years later the problem is still rampant on eBay and eBay China still leads in number one spot for flash memory fraud.

In a recent meeting and status report on the eBay flash memory fraud crises we learned new facts for the changing trends:

According to SOSFakeFlash when recent efforts for the FrankenFlash project switched to exposing fraudulent sellers in the west, eBay China started to regroup and and reorganize. Aware of warnings for sellers with low feedback scores, they pumped China id’s to build feedback scores. It did not go unnoticed.

In response, DragonDakel’s team at FakeMemorySentinel switched gears. It is no longer a matter issuing warnings for flash memory items on eBay that could be fake capacity or counterfeit and warning buyers to exercise due diligence of testing flash memory chip capacity before using. This team is unusual, it is less main stream, sharp at spotting patterns for fake flash seller behavior.

Does it mean to catch a crook you must think like a crook? In the dark world of fake flash memory, TechReporters at FakeFlashNews wonders…..

FakeMemorySentinel responded by increasing warning for eBay China seller ids. eBay responded by suspending sellers as soon as ids were published. Meanwhile buyers for the sellers were not contacted by eBay nor automatically refunded for their purchases for the fraudulent seller ids. Instead buyers are left to the mercy of self discovery, searching the internet for clues. Why did their mp players, usb flash drives and memory cards not hold the advertised flash memory capacity? Why were files corrupting? Only when buyers discovered the truth with H2testw software testing did they and do they file a claim dispute. Only when they learn the truth is there an opportunity to reclaim the funds for their transactions on eBay from the fraudulent sellers.

eBay China, according to SOSFakeFlash, remains in the number 1 position for flash memory fraud on eBay. While the FrankenFlash project struggles to protect eBay buyers and build a wall around fake flash sellers in China, many ids succeed in listing with “Buy Now” at prices that cry fake , false capacity. While eBay removes the sellers once they are publicly exposed on the internet, they do not refund buyers automatically for the China ids nor do they appear to issue emails warning buyers to claim a refund. Instead eBay continues to engage in fake flash memory selling sleath .

What is fake flash memory selling sleath? Allowing fraudulent eBay sellers to list in buy now for up to 300+ units per listing, then after 7 to 10 days, removing the seller from eBay. But only after 1000 to 3000 buyers have bid and bought and have been frauded for the id.

According insiders at FrankenFlash, approximately only 1 in 20 buyers frauded by an eBay China id ever receives a refund. Most buyers remain ignorant of the truth or do not summon the will or energy to fight for justice. This is what eBay expects. It is part of eBay’s “Risk Management” scenario – how they keep their profits for listing fees from fraudulent fake flash memory sellers. If only 1 in 20 buyers demand their refund from a fraudulent eBay Chinese seller, they get to keep the listing fee profits for the other 19. It is a “Win Win” scenario for both eBay and fraudulent Chinese eBay seller.

It is this careful risk management policy and it’s disturbing statistics on eBay that has led to the problem existing for so many years…..

Should buyers force eBay to suspend the Chinese id, the seller simply switches to a new id. It is that simple. It is how the fraud on eBay for fake flash memory continues and why it is now entering it’s 10th eBay year.

What has changed in eBay China fraud for selling fake flash memory capacity and counterfeits?

The lifespan of the id. It is short. As internet sites fighting the issues of fake flash memory chips grows fraudulent sellers in China realize they have little choice but to sacrifice id’s. They are know they will be discovered. They also monitor the internet for information. Therefore few engage in normal auction biding, it requires a lot of effort, time. They know they have a very short window of opportunity to fraud.. Instead to maximize fake flash profit, they have only one option – massive “Buy Now” listings. It is what SOSFakeFlash and FakeMemorySentinel call -> “Dump and run!”.

TechReporters challenged SOSFakeFlash at the recent meeting about publishing alerts stating eBay sellers had been suspended. It is too clean, too nice. It can not be fact! Evidence does not show eBay engaging necessary support staff to make this a possibility. So why does SOSFakeFlash give eBay false credit to eBay for suspending sellers? It does not make sense.

KittyFireFlash responded:

Buyers get confused about “deregistered” and what it really means. It can mean eBay suspended the seller, it can mean the seller closed the id account. Furthermore, deregistered id’s may only be deregistered for a short period as they attempt to hide or morph their id.

Some early members of the project were exceptionally naive. They actually believed eBay was honest and would do the right thing. There is nothing wrong with people hoping for the best or believing in the system. There is nothing wrong with attempting to work within the system or existing processes. In fact, it is important that some people do, otherwise how would you learn that the process and system is a sham? And Prove it? You need people to follow this path, however futile it might be.

If there was one thing the naive ones did not understand or perhaps failed to pay attention to, is how long the issue for fake flash memory existed prior to the launch of SOSFakeFlash. The founders did pay attention to the history, reviewing it carefully. It is why SOSFakeFlash was launched publicly as an internet presence. Prior to that, it existed – privately off the radar. We would have preferred to remain private, off the internet and in the shadows. It was far more effective, sellers who engaged in flash memory fraud never knew what hit them and neither did eBay. We liked it that way. However, the volume of listings for fakes kept on growing. The number of seller id’s involved kept on growing. eBay refused to listen to frauded buyers, refused to issue refunds and took the part of sellers. The number of frauded buyers overwhelmed our capacity to provide individual attention and hand holding.

It was clear an internet voice was needed, despite the fact it would handicap our efforts. Launching an internet presence TechReporters, was not an easy decision. It was chosen precisely because of the nativity of buyers, it was because of the buyers knew so little about the issue(s), that we built the SOSFakeFlash site. It was no accident. It was cold, hard, calculated.

Toward A Fake Flash Drive Free World – No More Counterfeits – No More Data Loss

is not hype, it is a fact, our driving goal. eBay still remains the current target, but it is not only internet site caught in the cross hairs for selling fake flash memory.

There is much speculation as to who we really are, who champions our efforts, who supports us behind the scenes. Let the theories continue, the speculations continue. We will focus on the mission.

Now… about us saying eBay suspended a fraudulent seller – it is an expediency. It is simple. It fits with the databases and their design. Ok, it is spin. Big deal, we learned from the best – eBay itself. It fits with the agenda. We have discovered for many buyers, it helps. They are unable to grasp the fact eBay might be bad or that eBay willfully participates in the fraud. Buyers cling to the illusion of buyer protection. There is no point in poking holes in their mistaken belief. In fact by encouraging the illusion…. that eBay actually offers buyer protection, buyers are willing to make the effort of filing a dispute and challenging both eBay and the seller. Surprisingly, these days it leads to refunds. Who would have guessed? The end results though, are nice and sweet!

So we have no issue of giving eBay false credit . It suits the long term goals and objectives. Again, we learned from the best, eBay.

There are other reasons as well. We have shared them with you at FakeFlashNews on condition you refrain from publishing the details at your site. It was for your increased understanding and to help your site with it’s efforts. You have agreed to respect this and it is why this interview is given.

For the interim SOSFakeFlash must continue to use “suspended by eBay” in alerts we publish. should the seller.

Did eBay really do the work? No.

In most cases the seller ran or buyers forced the id to be removed. The real heroes /continue to be frauded buyers. They are the ones shutting down sellers, not SOSFakeFlash, not FakeMemorySentinel. Buyers are the real police against fake flash memory fraud. They are the ones who report sellers, make eBay’s life a misery. They make PayPal cry too, especially when buyers contact their credit card company to do a reversal of the transaction for fraud. SOSFakeFlash finds it so amazing credit cards support and stand behind their members. If anyone truly protects buyers from fraud, it is the credit card companies. They put “eBay Buyer Protection” to shame. H2testw test results + internet warning or alert against a seller + validation from the brand new = immediate credit card refund for fake flash memory fraud. Presto! That fast, that simple.

Let’s face it, eBay and it’s PayPal fear credit card companies. Oh eBay and PayPal might try to evade and do a dance along with a fraudulent eBay seller, but Credit Cards? They have angry teeth! With a few clicks of a mouse, presto, eBay and PayPal find funds removed, thanks to the credit cards protecting their clients. They know it, we know it, buyers soon learn about it and run to the protection of their credit card companies since nobody else cards or will listen. SOSFakeFlash will not change it’s position, all buyers for any item purchased on eBay should use their credit card, never fund from their private bank account. It is the only real protection eBay members really have, despite any hype from eBay or PayPal. Buying on eBay for flash memory? Fund with your credit card, never your bank account, don’t be stupid! Don’t be naive.

So the true heroes in the fight against fake flash memory fraud are the victim buyers. They fight. They report. They spread the word on the internet.

If we choose to give false credit to eBay for suspending buyers, we have a reason. It is not an accident nor is it negligence. It is part of our plan and agenda. Simply trust that we have the best interest of frauded eBay buyers at heart. We stress the fact there is an agenda. We are not idle people who run off at the mouth, this is not a game for us, nor is it a past time. It is deadly serious.

Who and what we are? Who really cares? What matters is that SOSFakeFlash fights and exposes fake flash memory sales and sellers, on eBay and elsewhere.

So if we chose to put “Suspended by eBay” in an alert, don’t assume eBay really did the work in removing the seller. If you chose to believe this, you join the naive eBay buyers for the last 10 years on eBay.

No further comments…

KittyFireFlash can be outspoken at SOSFakeFlash, also very cryptic. Is KittyFireFlash a person? Or is KittyFireFlash persons? Does it matter? Now we are beginning to sound like them. What we can say is that FakeFlashNews is proud to be part of the effort to help educate consumers and readers on the internet about flash memory fraud. It’s important people learn the truth.

We agree that the new developments about eBay China pose a serious threat to consumers. It also shows how fraudulent eBay sellers shift. One way or another they seek an opportunity to sell their upgraded fake flash memory items on eBay. Should FrankenFlash project sites reveal one geographical location on eBay as the Hot Spot for fake flash memory, sellers shift. eBay is aware of this but they continue to persist in denial. Only buyers frauded can expose the issue and the truth.

The current eBay crises is eBay China. You may be interested to see two recent reports published by SOSFakeFlash:

How eBay Scams You When You Bid And Buy For Flash Memory Items, The Chinese Connection For Fraud! good-deal008 Feedback 20228. Revised Feedback 87 From Buyers Afraid To Stand Up Against Being Frauded. Who Is More Guilty, The Scamming eBay Seller Or Spinless Buyers? This Is The Debate On Flash Memory Fraud Continuing On eBay. Will eBay Protect Good-deal008 And Scam You? eBay Sellers Flash Memory Cheap Prices Bargains Seller good-deal008 – Test Immediately To Verify Advertised Capacity. Please Avoid Fake Memory

SOSFakeFlash News 20111228 – China Sellers Unleash A New Plague Of Fake Flash Memory On eBay. Buy Now Listings For SanDisk, Kingston, Memorette Counterfeits. Memory Cards And USB Flash Drives

Additional Reading Fake Flash Memory:

Did you buy a fake flash usb flash drive, mp player or usb flash drive on eBay?

Report to SOSFakeFlash . Get them to investigate your seller, document, publish an alert and add to their eBay fake flash Seller Lists it is important as a record of eBay’s fraud.

Testing your mp player, usb flash drive or memory cards. How can you do this?

H2testw 1.4 – Gold Standard In Detecting USB Counterfeit Drive . You will learn how to test, why H2testw is the best and most accurate software on the internet and get the download links. H2testw is free to use. It does not cost you anything. It was created to help you find out if you have safe flash memory storage or a false capacity chip. The only real defense against file loss is to test your flash memory item before you choose to store files on it.

History On eBay Fake Flash Memory Fraud

This study is in depth study and provides amazing detail. While dated, the facts this report reveals is true today. No one on the internet ever bothered or was able to provide such breakdown detail. Possibly because they did not have the data. Only eBay could match it, if they chose to reveal their internal metrics and data, something FakeFlashNews suspects they would not dare to do!

If you are new to flash memory fraud the best internet guide and resource to help you.

Fake Flash Memory – Hacked! Top Articles SOSFakeFlash. Consumer, Reseller Education. Beware. Be Wise. Learn. Avoid Fake Flash Memory. Learn To Test For Real Flash Memory Capacity

This is one the guide on understanding the issue of fake flash memory fraud. There are so many articles to help you and empower you. It is the best internet resource you will find. Use it. Learn. Learn your rights as a consumer and use it to fight back.

eBay Confirmed Fake Flash Sellers – The Documented Lists At SOSFakeFlash

The infamous lists of eBay seller ids caught selling fake flash memory. SOSFakeFlash documents the eBay seller ids involved in fraud and publishes them for the Global eBay public. Over 1600 ids are listed and soon it will grow when SOSFakeFlash issues their new update, thanks to buyers who report in to SOSFakeFlash.

The Report A Fake tab at SOSFakeFlash is the main weapon used to expose fraudulent eBay sellers.

To examine the lists:

Any seller exposed on the list remains. There is no way for a seller to get off the lists. If they try to rename their id. SOSFakeFlash will catch them and report the new id name. Frauded buyers make it possible.

There is another reason why the SOSFakeFlash seller lists are so important, it documents eBay’s participation in fraud. See how many id’s are involved and you will no longer have any doubt. Frauded buyers are documenting for a class action suit against eBay. eBay fraudulent sellers come and go, but the lists SOSFakeFlash provides are the best internet footprint there is. It prevents eBay from hiding the truth.

Testing Flash Memory Capacity Download Free

There is only one software that meets the challenge to test flash memory chips to reveal the true capacity. It is H2testw. No other software has the accuracy, or the ability to reveal the true capacity. It is free and it does not install in your operating system. It has a small footprint. There is no other software available on the internet most used by frauded buyers for flash memory. H2testw is the most successful to detect fake flash memory capacity and to take legal action against sellers.

Without H2testw, eBay would still be listing 3500+ per day. H2testw is the worse enemy of a fraudulent seller. H2testw reveals the truth about a flash memory storage chip and it’s real storage capacity. Sellers use it to avoid listing fakes on the internet, buyers use it to determine if the flash memory is real. Credit Card companies use the reported results in assisting buyer claims for fraud.

H2testw 1.4 – Gold Standard In Detecting USB Counterfeit Drives

Brand Name Validation For Flash Memory

Most consumers are unaware that brand names are actively fighting against counterfeits and false capacity. Almost all have validation at their main sites. You can punch in the serial number for your flash memory item and get an email confirmation as to whether the item is genuine or not. This information is invaluable if you have to fight a case to get a refund. Nobody can dispute what SanDisk, Memorette, Samsung, Transcend or Kingston says to you. Get an official response from the brand name telling you that you bought a counterfeit, eBay can not fight with you, PayPal can not fight with you. Your credit card will believe you.

Brand names are losing their reputation to fraudulent internet sites for flash memory. They are more than happy for you to reveal fraudulent sellers and they expend the effort to respond to you, that is why they offer flash memory validation. You need to get your money back, the brand name needs your effort to reveal the sources for fake flash memory. Together it is a winning combination. Make the effort.

The two best sites for information on flash memory validation are:

eBay China Fraud Crises

If you have difficulty believing that eBay China remains the number one source for fraud in flash memory have a look at the alerts and warnings issued so far:


See this video by officerdown.

Fake Sandisk SD card from China

He compares a genuine Sandisk SD card with a fake from China along with a generic SD memory card. Includes camera shot rate comparison and what happens if you have a fake. Is this happening to you?

SanDisk: Contact Technical Support for assistance. To report confirmed fakes (counterfeits), you can send an email to brandprotection@sandisk.com with the seller id and ebay items numbers attention SanDisk B.P. Director.

eBay Seller Of Counterfeit SanDisk SDHC Extreme Fake Cards, margarita.marjorie United Kingdom Stopped. Did You Buy From This Seller? Did You Know You Could Report Fraudulent SanDisk eBay Sellers?


Counterfeit Memorette Micro SD/SDHC Cards Fakes. 32GB 32Go Class 10

Memorette 32GB Micro SD/SDHC Card – Did You Buy One On eBay?

Memorette Assistance, please read information provided by Memorette Overseas Sales Manager. Memorette Inc is ready to provide you with important information, including who the sellers of genuine Memorette products are.



Transcend Flash Memory Validation

Kingston Technologies Flash Memory