Philippine Fraudsters Have Arrived!!!!! They Are Selling Fake 256gb, 128gb, 64gb, 32gb sd Cards And USB Flash Drives On eBay. They Are Associated With The Singapore Organized Crime Gang.

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The Singapore counterfeit rings operating on eBay selling fake flash memory items are well documented at FakeFlashNews, SOSFakeFlash and FakeMemorySentinel. They have been monitored for a long time.

Singapore Organized Crime Gang eBay Oct. 2011 Update.

Realizing seller ids for fake memory on eBay Singapore are under attack from the FrankenFlash Project, eBay buyers and even eBay, these sellers are trying to reroute to another eBay selling country.

The lead investigator code name Spookie reveals exactly where these new id’s are, how they have set up to engage in a new round of flash memory fraud. The detail provided by this team is astonishing, impossible to ignore and raises a lot of questions. TechReporters wonders, how is it possible for people not eBay employees to know more about the flash memory fraud then eBay?

Do you want to know how you can track eBay fraud? How easy it is to detect? How you can spot counterfeit rings operating on eBay?

Philippine Fraudsters Have Arrived!!!!!

By Spookie

The Pilipino fraudsters use the same method of operation as the Singapore eBay Counterfeit gang. They always start out selling batteries to accounts they set up on eBay as buyers. They use the feedback to manipulate their feedback scores. They do this over and over and eBay does nothing – until after fakes are report on their feedback. They also sell fake usb hard drives, camera lens, and cell phone batteries. They are also good about sending you nothing at all…..

The Pilipino fraudsters use the manipulated feedback to make their scores higher to give the eBay buyers a false sense of security and it makes it harder for eBay to deregister them (suspend). Some of the accounts use private feedback, making it difficult to see what they are selling and harder to warn other buyers.

If you have bought any memory from any of these accounts, check it immediately with H2testw software. This test can be lengthy depending on the size of the drive, so be patient.

How do I know they are associated? The Pilipino fraudsters were stupid enough to send out feedback to known Singapore accounts the Singapore counterfeit gang uses.

I have included tables for both the Singapore and Pilipino fraudsters’ accounts used to sell and the accounts they are using to send out the fake positive feedback.

Let’s take a look at who is sending and receiving feedback in the Philippines. You can see the Pilipino sellers are using a lot of names that look similar.

Sending Feedback


Receiving Feedback


Now here is a list of Singapore senders of manipulated feedback for phantom cell
phone batteries.

Manipulated Feedback

This is a list of still active accounts for Pilipino eBay ids they are using to sell items on eBay.

Sellers highlighted in red are sellers that have negatives feedback for flash memory, the sellers highlighted in blue have negatives for other items, strikethrough are no longer registered.

Philippine Fraudsters eBay

Do not buy anything from these fraudsters eBay seller ids!!!!! Good luck getting your money from eBay or Paypal.

Do you need more information on the Singapore and Philippine eBay counterfeit rings and fraudulent sellers?

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