Where Did The Internet Site FakeMemorySentinel Go?

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TechReporters at FakeFlashNews has received several reports concerning a FrankenFlash Project site disappearing from the internet. The site is called FakeMemorySentinel at the internet address of FakeMemorySentinel.wordrpess.com

FakeMemorySentinel is a proactive site in exposing fake flash memory issuing warnings for suspected listings on the internet with full capture of the listings offered. The site also provides education and hot links to major brand names for flash memory validation. for major brand names. This site joined the project to assist SOSFakeFlash. SOSFakeFlash only issues alerts on documented fake flash memory sellers. The investigators for this site are the most experienced and the highly trained investigators, many first worked for SOSFakeFlash.

FakeMemorySentinel is a fork in the FrankenFlash Project, it’s mandate to deal with recent listings. Also to provide a digital footprint documenting the fact that the listings actually occurred. There is no more convincing evidence of flash memory fraud, then recording, providing a historical trail.

FakeMemoryNews confirms FakeMemorySentinel can not be accessed on the internet.

We are contacting member sites in the project to discover why FakeMemorySentinel has disappeared.

To our readers:

We understand your frustration in attempting to reach FakeMemorySentinel to validate your flash memory. As FakeMemorySentinel is not available your only alternative for the moment is to go to the brand name’s internet site and try to find the memory validation links and pages. This may be difficult, but you have no alternative so long as FakeMemorySentinel is not accessible. You can try their SUPPORT page and apply “Memory Validation” in the search panels. For many brand names, memory validation is not easy to find on their internet sites. This is because the brand names do not wish to acknowledge that memory validation is necessary, it implies that fakes for their products exist. As such it is negative press, not welcomed. It affects their reputation.

You have no alternative for the moment. Do your best to search the brand name internet sites for assistance.

To buyers on eBay:

You should test any flash memory item purchased for real capacity, before you use it to store files, images or data. You should use H2testw for testing on Windows operating systems. If you have a Linux or Mac operating system use F3.

FakeFlashNews does not know why FakeMemorySentinel is no longer visible on the internet. We can tell you FrankenFlash Project sites are not popular with internet sites that offer fake flash memory. During the last four years, three internet sites in the project were attacked and destroyed. For a short period, the most important site: SOSFakeFlash was harassed and also disappeared on the internet for a short period of time:

In a round table meeting in January, FakeMemorySentinel reported being harassed and threatened by an eBay seller. This seller warned of legal action. The seller unwittingly described how he did not use his main eBay id but children satellite ids to offer flash memory items. eBay suspended the ids.

When you report truth you can expect to be harassed and also attacked. Truth is not popular when profit is involved. FakeMemorySentinel not only engages in releasing information on suspect sellers or providing people with access to memory validation, they also collect data and metrics – a requirement for several FrankenFlash Project sites. No site is allowed to publish without information supporting details. Integrity is probably the most important asset of FrankenFlash.

While FakeMemorySentinel does report recent listings for suspect flash memory, we are not sure if this site actually makes a difference in reducing fraud. FakeFlashNews suspects FakeMemorySentinel only assists eBay in removing sellers as soon as the site publishes listings. If this is true, then FakeMemorySentinel unwittingly assists eBay in hiding fraud, not reducing it.

Fraudulent eBay sellers may rejoice in FakeMemorySentinel currently not being available on the internet – a serious mistake.

We will find out what happened to FakeMemorySentinel and report the news to you. TechReporters suspects WordPress.com has made an error, it would not be the first time.

If you purchased a usb memory stick, memory card or mp player on eBay that turned out to be fake capacity, you need to report in to SOSFakeFlash immediately!

Do not delay! You information is important. You provide the necessary evidence and information. SOSFakeFlash will record it and also research the seller. You should use a permanent email address, not a temporary one so you can be contacted to participate in for a class action suit against eBay. It does not matter whether you received a full refund or a partial refund. You should also document any data or files you lost that you have been unable to recover, particularly the financial loss of the files, or the emotional loss. If you have a business it will be easy to document your loss. Emotional loss is important to flash memory cards – the first birthday party for a child, the trip to a far away place that you saved to go on, your memories and experiences vanished, due to fake eBay flash memory items! Will eBay create a time machine for you? Allow you to experience those precious moments? Have you been robbed of money? Or have you been robed of much more, because you trusted eBay? eBay to protect you from fraud?

FakeMemorySentinel is an internet site struggling to protect consumers, to warn them in real time. Unlike SOSFakeFlash this site prevents people from becoming victims and also allows buyers to discover the real truth early, inside of the 45 day claim window eBay offers.

While FakeFlashNews can not tell you why FakeMemorySentinel has been silenced, we can tell you that the subject of fake flash memory is not popular as it reduces sales for fraudulent sellers and those who engage in upgrading flash memory chips to lie about their real capacity.

Why wordpress.com choose to Gag FakeMemorySentinel is a mystery for us. WordPress has been a champion for free speech, for revealing information and empowering. Has this changed? Does this mean that people who reveal important information and truth will be cut off, sanctioned and removed from publishing on WordPress.com? FakeFlashNews hopes this is NOT true. If it is the new reality then WordPress.com is no longer a Blog site you should consider. It means that United States no longer equals freedom of speech, or truth.

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