DT200 256GB – New Capacity Offered By Kingston Technologies. DT200 Now Comes in 256 GB Or Does it?

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Are you thinking of buying a DT200/256GB USB Flash drive? Did you know you have four different colors to chose from? The DT200 256 GB flash drive is available in Black Yellow, Black Blue,Black Pink and Black Grey. You can buy one from a Chinese weanlings site at a price point that suits your budget, as low as $9 US if you are willing to buy 10PC units.

The c2coffer internet site offers the best prices for Kingston DT200/256GB fakes. Seller baobeikuailehao on c2coffer is ready to offer you your fantasy for cheap flash memory pensticks. You will not receive a real 256GB Kingston usb flash drive. If you are lucky you might receive about 2GB real capacity.


Kingston usb flash drive fakes are very hard to repair according to InspectorTech at FixFakeFlash.

If you are lucky enough to restore the real capacity, how are you going to explain to your customers the labeling on the usb flash drive, it’s fake size?

According to the FrankenFlash project sites, counterfeiting Kingston usb flash drives continues to escalate. The DT150, DT200 and DT310 are the most popular false capacity being offered at Chinese internet sites.

KittyFireFlash at SOSFakeFlash reports the sale of these digitally altered usb flash drives continue to rise. DragonDakel’s team at FakeMemorySentinel continues to publish warnings on eBay sellers who sell Kingston flash memory fakes with amazing speed. eBay according to SOSFakeFlash continues to race after these seller id’s and suspend them. The problem is, they just register new id’s. It’s an assembly line, the sellers know they will be suspended so daily they create new id’s. FakeMemorySentinel publishes, then eBay suspends and races to send out warnings to buyers to not complete transactions. Unfortunately warning buyers is not very helpful as these fraudulent sellers use buy now auctions and require immediate payment.

Meanwhile both potential resellers and buyers continue to suffer from fraud. Both do not research the product they are buying or what the true market prices are.

FlashChipTutor continues to build an archive of Kingston fakes

It does help resellers who do their homework by researching the internet. The DT200/256GB usb flash drives have been published there. It does not help resellers who don’t check to see if there is such thing as a DT200/256GB.

Kingston read:

Kingston USB Flash Drives. How To Check You Have A Genuine One And Not A Counterfeit – Easy Guide. Kingston Technologies Fighting To Protect Consumers And Itself From Counterfeits.