Fix Fake Kingston 32G 64GB 128GB 256GB Flash Drive Book Available On iOffer From feiyuejiexian. A Mystery, Selling Fake Memory Or Preventing It?

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iOffer Seller feiyuejiexian, is offering an eBook that will tell you how to fix Kingston USB flash drive fakes. He is also offering 5pcs New Kingston DT200 256GB Flash Memory Stick Drive for only $102 US. Who is this mystery seller on iOffer that offers information to fix fake flash memory and also offers it for sale? Is this seller playing both sides of the fence, or is he exacting revenge against some one fighting flash memory fraud?

feiyuejiexian Listings

everyone knows there is no such thing as a Kingston DT200 flash drive at 256GB capacity.

Why offer an eBook to fix them?

Fix Fake Kingston 32G 64GB 128GB 256GB Flash – feiyuejiexian

Fix Fake Kingston 32G 64GB 128GB 256GB Flash - feiyuejiexian -1

The text of this listing reads:

Welcome to wholesale retail


Buyer attention:shipping cost please contact seller How to Test and Detect FAKE USB Flash Drives or Pen Drives
How to Avoid Data Loss
How to Fix Corrupted File System

There are big SCAM on fake flash memory devices selling in eBay. They are labeled as 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, and 500GB in capacity but the actual size is much smaller. Please beware!!!

My listing is to warn people who may purchase flash memory devices like flash drive or pen drive. You MUST test it upon receive it. Don’t be fooled by property display.

My book provides “STEP By STEP” instruction on how to TEST and Detect FAKE flash memory devices, how to prove it to your sellers, and how to get your MONEY back. My book also teaches you how to AVOID data loss and how to make your flash drive safe to use. My solution has all the information and software (no purchase required) you need. It will save your time and avoid risk of computer virus infection on doing research yourself.

In additional of getting my book, you also get help from me. Please contact me when you encounter any problem with my instruction guide, I will help you.

NOTE: This is NOT a selling of flash drive or Pen Drive

Please read FAQ before bidding

* I’m the author of this book and own the copyright. Resell or redistribution of my book is violated my copyright.
* The book provides education learning on how to detect fake flash drive, how to avoid data loss, how to recover corrupted file system.
* The knowledge and techniques you learn from my book is yours to keep for life. You will use it again and again on flash memory device.

It lookes like this and there is something very strange in the listing. Do you know what it is?

feiyuejiexian - Info 1

feiyuejiexian - Info 2

feiyuejiexian - Info 3

If you place your mouse over the text you will find something very odd.

feiyuejiexian - redirect 1


feiyuejiexian - redirect 2


feiyuejiexian - redirect 3

feiyuejiexian - redirect 4

TechReporters at FakeFlashNews will not reveal where the links redirect at this time. It is very disturbing.

Is feiyuejiexian trying to prevent flash memory fraud? Or is feiyuejiexian also selling fake flash memory? It’s hard to tell. Why offer non-existent Kingston Technologies usb flash drives such as the famous counterfeits, DT200? Why offer an eBook at $39.00 to fix them. It is a mystery.

feiyuejiexian DT200-256GB

Investigators for the project report eBooks promising to repair fake flash memory appearing all over the interent.

We contacted the technical members of the FrankenFlash project to get their opinion on fixing fake flash memory:

KittyFireFlash – SOSFakeFlash

We wish there was a simple solution to fix fake flash memory. There isn’t one. If there was, we would publish it at SOSFakeFlash immediately and for free.

Inspectortech – FixFakeFlash

If there was a simple solution to fixing mp players, usb flash drives and memory cards, my team would not have created the fix fake flash site. We published a number of articles and a very detailed FAQ to help educate people on what they face.

TechChips – FlashChipTech

Memory cards are almost impossible to fix. Few succeed. Fixing MP3, MP4, MP5 players usually requires several steps, you have to fix the partitions and the firmware. MP players have several partitions. A good site to get help is

USB Flash drives, they have the best chance of being repaired. It requires identifying the usb flash drive controller chip and the flash memory chip. Once you have this information, you must find the correct software to perform the low level reformatting.

A lot of people do not understand the hack is in the usb controller chip. It must be corrected. If the hack is not removed, then the flash memory storage chip is vunerable to a very short life span. It is called wear-leveling. Some people write to us and tell us they “repaired their usb flash drive” by creating a partition of the real capacity leaving the rest unformatted. We don’t recommend this. Many reports received from H2testw testing reveal a small area of the flash storage chip is continually overwritten. If this is not corrected the flash storage chip will wear out much earlier and people will lose their information. There is a second danger. If somebody accidently trys to format the remaining space, unaware of why it is not used. If this is done, all information on the usb flash drive will be lost. InspectorTech’s team tried this method. It was unreliable. The only real solution is to find the right low level software reformating tool.

My team studies the output from H2testw. There are a lot of different hacks out there. They do different things, it depends on the usb flash controller chip in the device. There is no magic correction bullet for hacked memory chips.

So did iOffer seller, feiyuejiexian hijack somebodies idea to fix fake flash memory? Or does feiyuejiexian have a very strange sense of humour, selling fakes and offering information on how to repair them?

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