Another Site Selling Counterfeit DT200 Kingston USB Flash Drives? Many Internet Sites Involved In Flash Memory Fraud.

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Is – the source for counterfeit Kingston DataTraveler DT200 usb flash drives flooding the Global Market place?

Kingston Flash Drive Tech & Trade (Singapore) Co.Ltd
81, Shenton Way, #12-02, 079120 Singapore

or are employee’s at Kingston Flash Drive Tech & Trade using this company to engage in fraud, unknown to the company itself? The FrankenFlash Project has noticed sophisticated Kingston DataTraveler fakes and crude ones are all being sent out from Singapore.

Recently SOSFakeFlash started tracking a counterfeit ring selling fake Kingston DT200 usb flash drives on eBay. More than 22 eBay seller id’s were traced in the period of less then one week:

22 eBay Sellers Identified Selling Fake 128GB USB Flash Memory – They are linked.

Soon information arrived about a connection to several sellers on iOffer:

Shortly after information was released on the worse offender, lanmingok on iOffer, the id closed shop.

The investigation continued and all of these sites were implicated as having been infiltrated by the same group of fraudsters. The “Tell” is known only to eBay,to the FrankenFlash Project, Kingston Technologies and potentially the Counterfeiters.

What was the lucky break? The “Tell”?

due to strict Coustom Inspection

The project was able to trace to all of these sites:

Since then in continued monitoring, the project has noticed the disappearance of listings. iOffer has been quick to clean up and remove all listings with this tell. A good thing, as it will protect potential buyers from acquiring hacked usb flash drives.

Remaining are these two sites:

Questions remain:

1) Are they the source of the DT200 DataTraveler plague? Are there dishonest employees in these companies who have stolen packaging and casings to create the counterfeits?

2) Are these companies involved in supplying Kingston Technologies, for genuine Kingston usb flash drives?

3) How big is this counterfeit network SOSFakeFlash dubbed: Dt200 Fakes Or China Gowns ring

4) Have there been more internet sites infiltrated by members of this ring?

What is clear to TechReporters, something appears to be wrong at Kingston Technologies. There is no other major flash memory brand so badly damaged and impacted by fakes and counterfeits in the past 10 months.

How has this happened?

Do you know?

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