iOffer – The Best Prices for 128GB and 64GB Fake Flash Memory USB Flash Drives – Seller wyfwyf9898

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iOffer internet site recently was brought to the attention of the FrankenFlash Project, by a victim who purchased a false capacity usb flash drive.. A Fake DT200 128GB flash drive was purchased from iOffer seller anchang69, this seller had connections to eBay.

Around the same time, reports on new eBay seller ids came began arriving at SOSFakeFlash from frauded eBay members. The seller ids all had something in common.

The iOffer internet site has been flagged as unsafe to buy usb flash drives by the project. The investigation is currently still in progress with additional websites have been detected. wyfwyf9898 iOffer seller is another id to be connected.

wyfwyf9898 sells high advertised capacity at prices that are so cheap and tempting to people who are naive and ill informed on the cost of nand flash memory chips.

Most of the seller’s offering are the hot items – DT200 and DT150 DataTraveler usb flash drives. The traditional leather classic fake is also offered along with the swivel model frequently branded with the Sony name.





iOffer seller wyfwyf9898 is also suspected as an acquistion source for eBay resellers. The project is looking for addresses on internet sellers who advertise at websites and whose flash memory products have been confirmed to have false memory capacity (fakes, hacked memory).

It is not known if the Kingston Technology usb flash drive counterfeits currently flooding the global market are an inside job – a security breach at the Fabs supplying Kingston.

Many counterfeits currently being reported contain usb flash drive memory chips that are unreadable or have had part of their serial identification shaved off. They could be rejects from the assembly line, those that failed quality testing. However, given photos victims are sending in to the project – they reveal shell casings and usb flash drive connectors which are poor imitations of the genuine Kingston flash drives. This is especially true for the DT200 series. Read:Buying A Kingston DataTraveler DT200 128GB Flash Drive On eBay? What You See Might Not Be What You Receive. Have a look.

According to the project investigators it is clear many internet sites are being targeted and used by the same group of people to sell fakes in high volume. The Kingston brand name is their target. Are they employees working at Kingston supplier Fabs? No one currently knows.

Do not buy any usb flash drives from iOffer seller wyfwyf9898. You are inviting disaster and fake flash memory acquisition. If you have addressing information on wyfwyf9898, please send all details to immediately.

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If you discover internet sites and sellers selling counterfeit and fake capacity hacked usb flash drives, please send your information and evidence to

The FrankenFlash Project currently advises that people do NOT buy usb flash memory items from this internet site. Do your product research and homework. If you have made a volume purchase from iOffer and discover you have purchased hacked memory items, engage the assistance of your local law authorities.