silviajune eBay Fake Flash Seller Earns eBay’s Top Rated Seller Rating For Selling Fake Capacity USB Flash Drives

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silviajune offers excellent prices for 16GB false capacity usb flash drives. So reasonable, so cheap. Now anyone can afford to buy a fake usb flash drive on eBay! silviajune is skilled in the art of illusion and will be happy to sell you a reprogrammed 2GB usb flash drive that will pretend to appear 16GB to operating systems! Currently offering 6 different fake usb flash drives to chose from, all guaranteed to lose any files beyond the 2GB capacity – you can afford the classic collection of fake capacity flash drives. They have been sold by a number of eBay sellers, almost all suspended with the exception of fake flash seller, upcomingtrend.

silviajune earned eBay’s Top Seller Rating For selling these dangerous fakes that lose files once the real capacity is exceeded. How do you get a top seller rating?

silviajune-top rated

– Consistently receives highest buyers’ ratings
– Ships items quickly
– Has earned a track record of excellent service

SOSFakeFlash interpreted how silviajune earned it:

– Consistently receives highest buyers’ ratings

True. Because eBay buyers have no clue about flash based technology. Fake usb flash drives are reprogrammed to lie about their true capacity to operating systems. Consumers actually believe they can buy a 16GB flash drive on eBay for under $20 US and in some cases as low as $10 US. They don’t know that a good 8GB flash nand storage chip costs about $13.00 US, that two are needed to arrive at a 16GB capacity.

– Ships items quickly

Absolutely. The sooner the fake usb flash drive is out of the country, the better. You don’t want them lying around if the police pay a visit. silviajune is registered in China but ships from Hong Kong.

Lei Sio Hong
Room 1921 Heng Fung House
Heng On Estate
Shatin, HongKong

– Has earned a track record of excellent service

Naturally. Victims have revised feedback to get refunds. SOSFakeFlash has a very dim view of buyers who do this, so do other victims. Victims who did take this seller to task and demanded their money got it all back, quickly. The seller is prepared to do anything to stay off the radar and avoid being discovered.

£40,000+ has been generated in sales. You can imagine what eBay and PayPal’s cut is. Also, silviajune’s English language skills are far superior to most sellers based in the orient – a definite plus.

According to SOSFakeFlash, silviajune deserves the “Top Seller Rating”! With one slight modification, “Top Seller Rating For False Capacity 16GB USB Flash Drives“, should be the real title given by eBay.

As a 2GB nand flash chip costs about $4 US, silviajune sending quickly and charging no shipping or handling, it is a great deal, especially for buyers who want to lose their data or just like the novelty of having their own fake flash collection. One day, these will be collectables, from an era when it was still possible to manipulate usb flash controller chips and digitally alter the size of flash storage chips.

eBay Fake Flash seller silviajune is not exactly unique in his fake flash usb flash drives, upcomingtrend also sells most of them. So if you lost in your bid with silviajune, you could try for upcomingtrend’s models -when upcomingtrend offers a new batch. At the moment, upcomingtrend is not listing and you can guess why.

silviajune currently offers you:







You can also buy these false capacity usb flash drives from upcomingtrend when this fake flash seller believes it is safe to begin another round of fraud. Both sellers do not want to have their powerseller status damaged. They also fear an eBay suspension that comes when enough victims complain. It means these ids are retired, for a while. It also means they have to set up new id’s or transfer to their other id’s. Their arsenal of id’s is becoming smaller as SOSFakeFlash exposes them. This is one of the goals that SOSFakeFlash has, starve their ids, put them out of business.

upcomingtrend has offered you:






FakeFlashAttacksilviajune and his fellow fake flash seller upcomingtrend are happy to fraud eBay members.

They don’t mind unleashing a plague of 16GB false capacity usb flash drives on eBay and have for several months.

You won’t find them concerned about the data files people lose. Why should they? People wanted to pay little for flash drives, they delivered the fantasy.

As far as silviajune and upcomingtrend are concerned they gave what buyers wanted, a fabulous price for a fabulous fake.

Unfortunately most victims, didn’t expect this. Do buyers have to get a technology degree before buying? Or a marketing degree?

The biggest mistake eBay buyers made was trusting eBay and PayPal to keep them safe.

There is so much advertising by both eBay and Paypal about how they protect buyers. eBay and PayPal also are skilled in delivering illusions. eBay fake flash sellers have not cornered the market on spin. eBay and PayPal are good at it too.

SOSFakeFlash has published a number of alerts and warnings on these sellers. They report victims have not stood up and fought back. Why appears a mystery. It is unusual behavior according to KittyFireFlash.

SOSFakeFlash is asking anyone who bought from silviajune and even upcomingtrend to test any item purchased from these sellers immediately to determine true capacity using: H2testw 1.4 – Gold Standard In Detecting USB Counterfeit Drives. They are also asking that victims Report in to SOSFakeFlash if they did not receive the advertised capacity.

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Report in to SOSFakeFlash if your testing confirms you have a false capacity device. Fight Back, make a difference!

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