SOSFakeFlash Back Online – Disappearance Mystery Solved

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Recently the website SOSFakeFlash disappeared from the internet. Techreporters published an urgent communication on their behalf to advise readers:

SOSFakeFlash Suspended On – FakeFlashNews Reports. What Happened? Frauded Consumers Currently Stranded!

The outage lasted two days. A lot of readers suspected sabotage. In fact, it was the only thing they suspected. Was this the reason?

During the past 36 months, the FrankenFlash project lost three sites. They were not hosted on They were hosted on independent websites offering wordpress blogs and provided instant translation into over 34 languages.

The SOSFakeFlash team has seasoned investigators, careful, patient and slow to jump to conclusions. It makes them formidable, highly respected. So what happened?

KittyFireFlash’s Report: is the best and safest place to have a blog. We chose them because they are secure and free. We are volunteers, nobody pays us for our time or effort. We have been offered donations. We have refused. It’s about the integrity and credibility of SOSFakeFlash.

We were recently featured on IP Dragon, a website whose reason to exist is: “Gathering, commenting on and sharing information about intellectual property in China to make it more transparent, since 2005”

“SOSFakeFlash Cannot Forget: “Fighting Toward A Fake Flash Drive Free World”

It pleased us to be so honourably mentioned and to have earned their respect – it pretty much sums up who we are.

So was a perfect match, they offer people the opportunity to have blogs and do not charge them and have the same spirit as we do.

With over 4 million blogs, their army of technical support staff to pay, they need to earn revenue. This is done by inserting occasional and tasteful ads into posts. Their ads are not flashy, annoying or glaring distractions. They usually compliment the post content. We support their efforts, it’s more than a fair exchange.

Unfortunately there are those who will abuse the free nature of They will try to manipulate blogs to direct traffic elsewhere. Usually affiliate marketing schemes. To protect it’s self from such schemes has special detection engines and triggers shut down blogs suspected of engaging in actions like this.

SOSFakeFlash is probably one of the most unusual, complex and sophisticated blogs running under defaults. It is not a typical blog. There are no custom scripts or code. It shows just how far you can go with a theme. You can be as simple or as sophisticated as you like with a like elbow grease.

A recent post, tripped one of their alarms to catch fraudulent bloggers, those who try to use their site for financial gain. It took the site offline.

No, we are not going to reveal any details. If we did, it would defeat efforts to protect themselves from those who abuse the hosting. As far as we are concerned, only has the right to earn revenue from blogs. Do you have any idea how much effort they have to put in to keep the software and plug-ins up to date and security patched? If you want to make money, don’t use to do it. It’s not right. It is not fair. They need it to support their efforts and provide everyone with the opportunity to have a blog.

Yes we did we suffered an outage inadvertently because of the triggers. It hurt readers, but it also demonstrates why we like – it is the most secure blog hosting there is.

We contacted technical support, they reviewed our credentials and history (hard earned) brought the site back on line quickly, even though it was a holiday weekend. technical support is really 24/7 and with over 4 millions blogs to support no easy feat.

Okay, a lot of readers thought SOSFakeFlash was being attacked – again. For people who engage in earning money from flash memory fraud (counterfeits, false capacity, digitally altering the true capacity of flash memory chips) – it is not a site they like. For those who buy fake memory, it is a site they are relieved to find, it helps them learn why their devices are failing, why they are loosing or lost important data.

For a lot of victims, SOSFakeFlash provides them with the information they need. For most, it is a hard lesson, but it empowers. Usually they become smarter consumers as a result of their experience. They tend to spread the word about being careful in purchasing flash memory items such as memory cards, mp3 mp4 players and usb flash drives online. Most say:

If it is too good to be true, it usually is…..

While we did suffer an outage, we also learned that is a secure fortress, perhaps the most secure there is for blogging on the internet. We found them responsive and fair. We also support their right to shutdown blogs that attempt to generate revenue on the free hosting. It is fraud. And as everyone already knows, SOSFakeFlash is no friend to those who engage in fraud.

The mystery has been solved. TechReporters finds KittyFireFlash’s honesty about what happened refreshing. SOSFakeFlash could have used the outage to exploit and manipulate the issue on fake flash memory reporting, but they didn’t. It’s about facts, it is about truth.

From FakeFlashNews, Kudos, SOSFakeFlash!