eBay Seller Of Counterfeit SanDisk SDHC Extreme Fake Cards, margarita.marjorie United Kingdom Stopped. Did You Buy From This Seller? Did You Know You Could Report Fraudulent SanDisk eBay Sellers?

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eBay seller margarita.marjorie has been caught selling counterfeit fake SanDisk 32GB 32G Extreme SD SDHC 30MB/s 200X Class 10 flash memory cards.

Over 532 were sold in this listing alone for SanDisk 32GB 32G Extreme SD SDHC 30MB/s 200X Class 10 (260730264248) before the listing disappeared.


The internet site FakeFlashSentinel published an alert for margarita.marjorie:

shamp-rock – likos311 – margarita.marjorie eBay Flash Memory Sellers – Test Immediately To Verify Advertised Capacity. Please Avoid Fake Memory Products

The seller was spotted by an reputable eBay Sandisk seller and reported to Sandisk.

Immediately the sellers listings were removed on eBay. Shortly afterwards, eBay sanitation of internet information began. eBay seller margarita.marjorie used many buy now listings.

Who is eBay seller margarita.marjorie really?

In margarita.marjorie’s feedback you will find will find purchases from known fake flash memory sellers, especially, athena-caihui.

Urgent! athena-caihui AKA caihui_wang0629 Ebay Fake Flash Memory Seller, Renames Id. Makes Feedback Private, To Escape Frauded Buyers. Why You Should NEVER buy Flash Memory Cards On eBay. Massive Fraud Of eBay Members. Emergency Fraud Alert.

athena-caihui is on file with SOSFakeFlash . The official investigation, yet to be published.

Is margarita.marjorie a front id on eBay to sell fake memory cards?

The exact number of victims, margarita.marjorie created is currently unknown. If you actually receive your flash memory card(s) from margarita.marjorie please validate by contacting SanDisk: Contact Technical Support .

Report you fake immediately to SOSFakeFlash using their Report A Fake Tab. Also send any addressing information you have on envelopes. This information is vital, it is used to track counterfeit rings on eBay.

It is important people know Sandisk is actively working to protect their brand from counterfeiters. If you find you have purchased a Sandisk counterfeit on eBay you can contact them. You should send an email,attention SanDisk B.P. Director to brandprotection@sandisk.com with the seller id and ebay items number(s).

By reporting to Sandisk you decrease the number of victims of counterfeits sold on eBay. You fight crime. You also send a strong message to fraudulent sellers on eBay. It is also an opportunity to help honest eBay sellers who sell genuine Sandisk products to gain visibility. Too often the genuine sellers are disadvantaged as most members sort by price. It is the main reason so many people become victims of Sandisk counterfeits on eBay.

While eBay often ignores individual buyers who report a fraudulent flash memory seller, they won’t ignore Sandisk.

A few of this seller’s listing traces were captured, eBay not able to purge all information, as it takes time. Unfortunately it is only a small percentage of margarita.marjorie’s listings.

260734696328 SANDISK 16GB MicroSD (TransFlash) Memory Card + Adaptor


260733750377 SANDISK 8GB MicroSD (TransFlash) Memory Card + Adaptor


260733703126 SANDISK 16GB MicroSD (TransFlash) Memory Card + Adaptor


260726195345 SanDisk 32GB 32G Extreme SD SDHC 30MB/s 200X Class 10 R


260728681897 SanDisk 32GB 32G Extreme SD SDHC 30MB/s 200X Class 10


260727218514 SanDisk 32GB 32G Extreme SD SDHC 30MB/s 200X Class 10 R


260718728820 Sandisk 32GB Micro SD SDHC MicroSD Memory Card


260697329871 New 32GB SD SDHC Flash Memory Card 32G Secure Digital


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