Kingston DataTraveler 310 DT310/256GB Fake USB Flash Drives Flooding eBay! Fraud Warning.

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Fake Kingston DataTraveler 310 DT310 256 GB usb flash drives are being sold on eBay for less then $25 US. Most are eBay sellers based in Asia. Listings are starting to appear for sellers registered elsewhere. Multiple item listings are frequently used.

Updated 2011-06-17

According to SOSFakeFlash and FakeMemorySentinel, eBay is attempting to remove fraudulent listings for false capacity counterfeit Kingston DataTraveler 310 DT310 256 GB usb flash drives at record speed. In some cases, even traces of eBay seller id’s vanish from the internet.

Dragon Dakel’s team at FakeMemorySentinel report a race against time to prevent evidence from disappearing. This is not new behavior on the part of eBay. The FrankenFlash project is all too familiar with this practice.

As the intensity of the battle to free eBay from fake flash memory products escalates, eBay struggles even harder to obliterate all evidence of wrong doing. TechReporters are mystified at the energy expended. Should they not be investigating greater effort in preventing obvious fake memory listings from being released in the first place?

Kingston DataTraveler 310 DT310/256GB available at under $25 US? Or even $500 US?

The best price is currently from newegg com. Kingston DataTraveler 310 256GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive Model DT310/256GB The retail price, $839.99 US.

Fraudulent sellers in Asia for flash memory target buyers who are naive about the real costs of flash memory chips. Every day, thousands become victims, not only on eBay.

According to KittyFireFlash, spokesman for SOSFakeFlash:

We see so many people who continue to fall for unrealistic prices. On eBay, Asian sellers target this buying audience. They are incredibly successful. The key to their success, is the power of using multiple item listings – buy now.

True, with the assistance of victims and members of the project we do shut them down, but not before they have sold hundreds, sometimes thousands. While $19.99 US per unit does not sound like much, it soon adds up.

The damage to brand names such as Kingston and Sony, is terrible. It continues to decrease consumer confidence in their flash memory products. Unfair, actually. Also very undeserved.

At this point we don’t know how we can reach or educate the global public, we continue to try, but few seem to listen or learn, until it is too late.

I personally think it is a global perception so deep routed these days in our subconscious from continuous bombardment in advertisements and commercials promoting “more for less” that is one of the major root causes so many victims are created. It’s a disease. It does not only pertain to flash memory products that are fakes and counterfeits, but just about everything.

We get a lot of email from buyers who are indignant about being cheated. They vent and want to tear the sellers apart, for?

Paying $25 ~ $50 US for a 256GB usb flash drive!

What can we say to them? Most victims in the end become wiser and say “If it is too good to be true, it usually is”. It can be a hard lesson to learn, especially if files were lost.

The only good news for a lot of Kingston fakes is that they are such poor quality from from a flash chip perspective, most fail very early on. Attention is given to making it look like the genuine item, the chips are usually grade D, if even that.

The FlashChipTech released a warning Kingston DT310/256 Counterfeits Sold On eBay!. You will find all recent eBay sellers found on eBay being recorded on that post. It continues to grow.

The most important advice FakeFlashNews has to offer anyone who buys Kingston flash drives on the internet is to verify them. You can find more information on how by reading:

Kingston USB Flash Drives. How To Check You Have A Genuine One And Not A Counterfeit – Easy Guide. Kingston Technologies Fighting To Protect Consumers And Itself From Counterfeits.

Update 2011-06-16: A lot of DT310 counterfeit victims are searching for information on repairing fake DT310 usb flash drives. You should read: Can You Fix Fake DT310 USB Flash Drives?

This report is an update on the crises for DT310 fakes. The situation continues to escalate for DT310. Buyers continue to be deceived:

Report On Fake DT310 Kingston DataTraveler USB Flash Drives. eBay Seller 1958vardy And The Fake DT310 – No Returns. Counterfeit 310 DT310/256GB Flash Memory Continue To Flood eBay. Cheap. Consumers Frauded With Fake Upgraded Flash Memory. Fraud Warning. Beware Of Sellers Who Refuse To Stand Behind The Advertised Capacity Of Flash Memory Size.