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How To Sell Kingston DataTraveler USB Flash Drives With False Capacity Chips. The case of uk-choice eBay seller and independent Website ukmobi.

August 5, 2009 by


Some sellers will do anything to make money. The case of uk-choice and ukmobi demonstrates just how far a seller will go to sell and offload false capacity usb nand technology to consumers causing data loss. This recent case first published at SOSFakeFlash demonstrates that sellers are often ignorant of the technology they sell and […]

naffy23k eBay Fake Flash Seller vs H2testw and eBay Victims

June 20, 2009 by


eBay fake flash sellers are crafty and naffy23k is no exception. These sellers will do anything to continue deceiving to sell false capacity items to eBay members. The profit is addicting, the harm done to buyer data files horrific. SOSFakeFlash, in the new consumer education series mentioned price is a good indicator of fakes, but […]

Sony Micro Vault Counterfeit 64GB Sold By ads0s0 On Ebay In The United Kingdom

February 9, 2009 by


Selling counterfeit Sony Micro Vault usb flash drives on eBay is big business. The FrankenFlash Project has documented the subject Fake Sony 32GB 64GB 120GB 360GB 500GB Micro Vault USB Flash Drives Available on eBay! to educate buyers. You will find these counterfeit drives being listed on eBay all the time. Generally for very short […]