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Beware of 128GB USB flash drives – they are fake!!

May 12, 2009 by


A seller based in France, registered since 14th April is listing this “128GB” flash drive on ebay France. We can tell you that this drive being sold by leeseowon84 is, beyond the slightest doubt, a fake. How do we know? Because there is no USB flash drive of a capacity higher than 64GB – it […]

Report of fake from Polish ebay seller has come in – to be confirmed

May 6, 2009 by


A buyer who purchased this supposedly 16GB USB flash drive sold by ebayer bananus2008 has reported in with information that indicates this item is probably fake – the buyer provided test information from h2testw. We cannot yet confirm and put this in the database (our standards for checking items listed in the database are rigourous) but we strongly […]

Suspect 32GB USB flash drive listed by USA seller lakechoco

May 6, 2009 by


This flash drive listed by seller lakechoco in the USA seems rather too cheap to be genuine. Real 32GB flash drives cost over $50 retail from even the cheapest suppliers with the smallest profit margins. We think this may be fake. Maybe ebay buyers in the USA should check that the seller has tested this with […]

eBay Refunds For Fake Flash USB drives – Returning For Refunds. How Many Addresses Do Fake Flash Sellers Have – A Buyer’s Confusion

April 27, 2009 by


eBay and Paypal have a nasty habit of ordering victims of fake flash purchases on eBay to return the merchandise to eBay fake flash sellers of MP Players, USB Flash Drives and memory cards as a condition of refund. In most countries this means forcing a member to violate the laws found in most countries […]

PayPal Orders You To Return Fake MP Players, Fake MP Players , Fake USB Flash Drives, Fake Memory Cards To Get A Refund? Think Again!

April 1, 2009 by


Are you thinking of obeying PayPals demands to return fake MP Players, Memory Cards or usb flash drives purchased on eBay from a fake flash seller to get a refund? SOSFakeFlash has published many articles on why you should not. We think you should read the latest article just published by FakeFlashNews. eBay Refunds For […]