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Is this Kingston Datatraveler 150 on ebay France counterfeit?

June 12, 2009 by


We think this is a counterfeit 64GB DataTraveler 150 – if it is genuine Kingston will be able to confirm this as each one has an individual serial number. Perhaps seller tralinon should get on the phone and check with Kingston. We can’t see how ebayers could possibly afford to list real ones at auction […]

How Did Get Reported As A Seller Of Counterfeit Kingston USB Flash Drives?

June 12, 2009 by


Victims of false capacity usb flash drives search the internet for information and help. Google searches have sponsored links to help pay for providing you with a free internet search service. The website used the sponsored links service to rise high in searches. So how did this seller get caught? You will find this […] Said To Sell Counterfeit Kingston Flash Drives

June 10, 2009 by


Complaints against have been received by the FrankenFlash Project. Buyers are reporting Kingston USB Flash drives purchased are fakes. Is this so? And who is willing to confirm this? You might be very surprised.

SOSFakeFlash Confirms XU GANG Hong Kong Counterfeit Ring

June 4, 2009 by


SOSFakeFlash announced that it has uncovered another counterfeit ring in Hong Kong and named it XU GANG. Currently the following eBay seller ids have been connected: ebestshop58r, lovehuangfeifei2008, jameshome621. Fake memory cards, mp players and usb flash drives have been sold, including branded Kingston DT150’s. ebestshop58r Tse Chit (Xu Gang) G/F,Block 26,428 Yuen Kong Tsuen, […]

eBay No Longer Safe To Buy Kingston DT150 64GB DataTraveler USB Flash Drives

May 20, 2009 by


Ebay is not a safe place to buy to Buy Kingston DT150 32GB DataTraveler USB Flash Drives. SOSFakeFlash has issued quiet a few alerts and so had FakeFlashNews. Now unfortunately the higher 64GB capacity is not safe to buy on eBay. It has been counterfeited as well. SOSFakeFlash recently issued an alert on the Counterfeit […]