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Kafka-esque experiences with ebay and paypal

December 17, 2009


Did you find that Paypal and ebay sent you round in circles when you complained about a fake flash item? They do the same to sellers who had false negatives left by non paying buyers. They do it to those who had their ebay and Paypal accounts hijacked – see dear-ebay to read the experience […]

Fake USB flash drives on trademe (run by ebay?) in New Zealand

September 7, 2009


A victim of fake flash memory in New Zealand alerted the frankenflash project to the fraud being perpetrated on a site we think is run by ebay. The site is A quick look at this site a few days ago revealed a number of fraudulent listings:

A chance to vote for more ebay fraud??

July 10, 2009


We expect all ebay members in Europe have received a message from ebay recently entitled: Demand an end to unfair trade practices It seems to us that signing the petition mentioned in this email would be voting for more fraud on ebay!! Here is the text of the message in question – decide for yourselves […]

We may have found a genuine 128GB Kingston on ebay Australia

July 10, 2009


This could possibly be the real thing. The seller states in the listing for this: Most items take 1-2 days to deliver depending on location. This is however, not a stocked item so please allow 5-7 days deliver. This statement along with the fact that the price is not wildly below the RRP (so may […]

Two more 128GB USB flash drive models now available

July 6, 2009


The launch of the first 128GB USB flash drive by Kingston has been quickly followed by the launch of 128GB drives by two other manufacturers. Edge tech now offers a 128GB DiskGo model (below left) at $390 and Patriot offers the Magnum (below right) – the price for this drive has not yet been announced.

Contrefaçon possible 64GB Kingston DataTraveler 150

June 13, 2009


Nous pensons que cette commande instantanée énumérée par nadin357 est probablement la capacité fausse – personne ne pourrait se permettre de risquer le listinh quelque chose cette des coûts plus de 60 euros en gros avec un prix de début de 1 euro ! Examinez toute la mémoire Flash avec h2testw Rapportez dedans au flash […]

Is this Kingston Datatraveler 150 on ebay France counterfeit?

June 12, 2009


We think this is a counterfeit 64GB DataTraveler 150 – if it is genuine Kingston will be able to confirm this as each one has an individual serial number. Perhaps seller tralinon should get on the phone and check with Kingston. We can’t see how ebayers could possibly afford to list real ones at auction […]