Fake 128GB Corsair Flash Drive Counterfeit Voyager Pen Sticks Continue To Be Sold On eBay.

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Fake Flash Voyager usb flash drives continue to be sold on eBay. A visit to the Corsair website makes it clear this usb flash drive is offered in 8GB, 16GB and 32GB capacity. It is not offered in 64GB or 128GB. Yet you will find these false capacity usb flash drives for sale on eBay. If you buy, you will receive a dangerous counterfeit.

Recently SOSFakeFlash published a story you should read:

eBay ace-tech Fake Flash Memory Seller Alert – Australia. Fake Corsair 128GB USB Water proof, Shock Proof, DUST PROOF Offered on eBay. More eBay Fraud And PayPal Playing Games About “Authentic”. Never made by Corsair.

A frauded buyer describes his experience and how both eBay and PayPal are attempting to evade responsibility for their new policy on fakes and counterfeits.

The problem for fake Corsair flash voyager usb flash drives is not a new problem on eBay, it is an old one. You might find these two articles interesting:

The Corsair forum has some interesting things to say too.

Possible faulty / fake flash voyager 128gb

One of the interesting comments:

“I am sorry but there is not much we can do, we have reported this type of issue to Ebay so many times I cant remember and they just don’t seem to care. For Ebay they are not the ones actually selling the item so as long as they get their money my guess is they could care less.”

This comment echos the feelings of many frauded buyers on eBay. Documentation at FrankenFlash project sites support them.

The recent experience of a victim of eBay seller ace-tech published by SOSFakeFlash made that clear.

Every week you will find new listings for Flash Voyager Corsair counterfeits, fakes. It doesn’t seem to end and eBay does it’s best to remain in denial. The question is…. WHY?

You will find these dangerous false capacity offered at many different price points. In many cases a 128GB fake is being sold for the same price as a genuine 16GB flash voyager usb drive.

Even more amazing are sellers who opening advertise they are selling fakes at low prices but lure buyers with the promise of a potential 8GB capacity for a fake 128GB reported size. It’s not unusual and eBay sellers think they can get away with it. Buyers continue to be deceived. Fake usb flash drives sold under the pretense of “for parts or repair” are in for a shock. There is little you can do with an upgraded usb flash drive except to try and repair it to it’s real capacity. The problem with that is the fact that flash memory chips do not“Like” being low level reformatted. If performed several times it reduces the lifespan of the flash memory storage chip. Worse still, these usb flash drives usually contain grade C or D flash memory chips. It’s a waste of time, you can never trust these chips. Sooner or later, you will lose data.

TechReporter’s at FakeFlashNews did a quick “Google” and what did we find on eBay? You might be a little shocked to see how open the fraud is for Corsair Voyager flash drive counterfeits on eBay.


best deals and gifts 64GB Corsair Flash Voyager USB Flash Drive

64GB Corsair Flash Voyager USB Flash Drive


tabletsdirect New - Corsair Flash Voyager 64GB USB Flash Drive Qty 10

New – Corsair Flash Voyager 64GB USB Flash Drive Qty 10


bourtos67876 Corsair 128GB Flash Voyager USB Flash Drive

Corsair 128GB Flash Voyager USB Flash Drive

djterrum. WOW! Do you believe this?

djterrum FAKE 128gb Corsair Flash Voyager Memory Stick USB Pen

FAKE 128gb Corsair Flash Voyager Memory Stick USB Pen

djterrum listing details:

djterrum listing details

Item specifics

Condition: For parts or not working: An item that does not function as intended or is not fully operational. This includes items that are defective in ways that render them difficult to use, items that require service or repair, or items missing essential components. See the seller’s listing for full details. See all condition definitions

Selling a fake 128GB Memory Stick.
No returns or refunds AT ALL.
Will dispatch next day
Offers accepted
Thanks and Happy Bidding! 🙂

On 07-Apr-11 at 19:05:20 BST, seller added the following information:

Selling a fake 128GB Memory Stick.
No returns or refunds AT ALL.
It’s possible that it’s 8GB. But I can’t promise it.
Will dispatch next day
Offers accepted
Thanks and Happy Bidding! 🙂

eBay UK definition of seller conditions:


If you are a victim of fake flash memory – especially for Corsair Voyager flash drives, you CAN have the last word! You can report your fake to SOSFakeFlash using their Report A Fake tab. They investigate sellers and they publish them on the internet. It leads to a permanent record, something eBay or any other internet site can’t deny. It also warns other people to stay away from purchasing fake usb flash drives. It even warns a lot of would be sellers, to be careful and do their research before they list.

To test your usb flash drive for the real capacity see this article:

H2testw 1.4 – Gold Standard In Detecting USB Counterfeit Drives

It explains how to test and includes download links. The software is free to use. The H2testw software is one of the most important contributions to testing and fighting against fake flash memory – upgraded flash memory chips ever made. In the SOSFakeFlash poll over 96% of users swear by it and are grateful it exists. Many have used it to avoid data loss. They have also used it to document being frauded and to get refunds.

To stop the sale of Corsair Voyager flash drives, you can make a difference. If you have been frauded, FaceBook this article to warn your friends. If you have web space, document your fake as CaptainVoyager did, especially in your own native language. FakeFlashNews loves CaptainVoyager’s example. If you mouse over the images, you will appreciate his humor. See his article at http://home.deds.nl/~counterfeit/ for idea’s. Don’t forget to hover over his images to see the secret messages!

Don’t feel sorry for sellers who sells fake Corsair Voyager flash drives. They are counting on it! They will tell you all sorts of sad stories, whatever it takes to make sure you don’t publicize the fact they sell fakes and to make sure you exceed any claim window you have.