Learning About Fake Memory. Lernen über gefälschte Speicher. Información acerca del falso memoria. Lære om falsk hukommelse. Kujifunza juu ya kumbukumbu ya uongo USB.

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Fake memory is found in usb flash drives, memory cards and mp players. It is known as “false capacity”. Flash memory storage chips of a very low real capacity are manipulated with low level formatting programmes to lie about their true size to operating systems. They fool operating systems into believing they are bigger.

Most people trust the size of flash memory an operating system reports. They don’t suspect the system has been deceived. This is the classic fake flash memory trap. It leads to severe data loss, file corruption. You can’t recover files from a hacked flash memory storage chip, it isn’t there to be recovered.

Your best source of information on the subject of fake memory is found in this article:

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