roderickshop eBay Seller Suspended. Is This ID Connected To The Infamous Safe2Star eBay ID? Fake MP Players And 32GB Micro SD SDHC TF.

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roderickshop is a Hong Kong registered eBay seller of fake MP Players and 32GB Micro SD SDHC TF flash memory cards on eBay, recently deregistered. roderickshop listings poured out on eBay with amazing precision and speed. Suddenly listings stopped, the seller shut down.

Sunday February 24 2011 SOSFakeFlash announced infamous power seller id, Safe2Star finally defeated by frauded buyers.

Safe2Star eBay Fake Memory PowerSeller With FeedBack Score 52569 Bites The Dust! Suspended After Two Year Effort By eBay Victims! Almost 1000 Negative And Neutrals Before eBay Acts. Buyer Protection For Flash Memory Does Not Exist On eBay – You Have Been Warned By SOSFakeFlash!

According to KittyFireFlash, SOSFakeFlash is monitored by eBay and fake flash memory sellers.

Several days later they published: Urgent! roderickshop Ebay Fake Flash Memory Seller High Alert Devious – Hong Kong. Is This Id The Reincarnation Of The Infamous Safe2Star? SOSFakeFlash Want’s to Know. Safe2Star Victims Curious Too.

Currently SOSFakeFlash is looking for any addressing information on roderickshop. Only addressing information will confirm if roderickshop is a member of one of three counterfeit rings Safe2Star belongs to.

roderickshop has created many flash memory victims and used private auctions to hide what he was selling. He sold fake capacity mp players and 32GB memory cards.

Power sellers of fake memory products on eBay are prepared. Experienced in scamming, they know it is only a question of time before buyers leave truth in feedback. Private auction listings no longer offer protection, a frauded buyer responds by identifying the hidden item and it’s true capacity. To continue with the fake capacity memory scam, they start using another id to begin listing fake memory items, they have many prepared, aged and groomed to provide respectable positive feedback. Should an existing id be suspended these fraudulent sellers will escalate fake memory listings for those remaining – clever, organized, disciplined.

FakeMemorySentinel issued this warning in January 2011.

flyflycarmelo2012 – roderickshop – samlikemusichappy30 eBay Flash Memory Sellers – Test Immediately To Verfiy Advertised Capacity. Please Avoid Fake Memory Products!

At the time, roderickshop only sold fake mp players. Realizing the Safe2Star id was doomed, roderickshop suddenly began generating fake “32GB Micro SD SDHC TF Flash Memory Card 32G MicroSD” listings, rapidly. The listings escalated shortly after SOSFakeFlash announced the suspension of Safe2Star. The pattern makes it almost impossible to believe the id’s are not connected.

As SOSFakeFlash published on roderickshop, the seller vanished on eBay. Are you a victim of roderickshop? If so please report in to SOSFakeFlash. Help them solve the mystery of the true identity of eBay seller, roderickshop.

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