Ubuntu 10.10 Live USB Flash Thumb Drive 256 GB Offered On eBay At $59.99 And $49.99. Beware. 256GB Flash Drives Pen Sticks Can Not Be Genuine Capacity At Such Low Prices.

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Ubuntu is one of the most popular Linux distros. It is a fabulous operating system and it is free. It continues to grow in popularity, a well suited replacement or alternative to Windows. Older PC’s and Laptops often perform amazingly once they are resurrected with an Ubuntu based Linux distribution. Linux doesn’t suffer a lot from viruse and malware attacks. Interest in Ubuntu continues to grow and eBay is no exception. Unfortunately the unthinkable has happened on eBay, false capacity bootable Linux flash drives.

eBay sellers offer open source Linux distributions to buyers. It is perfectly legal. In fact it is a service to buyers who have a low internet bandwidth. Not everyone can afford to download ISO images ranging from 640MB to 4GB + or are willing to wait hours with a slow connection. Some may not have a CD or DVD burner or are uncomfortable with the procedure to burn ISO images.

eBay sellers who offer Linux distributions provide a valuable service. Usually their profit just covers their time and the materials they use. Linux distributions are not just offered on CD or DVD anymore, they are offered on booting usb flash drives. Bootable linux usb flash drives are growing in popularity.

Booting Linux usb flash drives on eBay are usually offered in advertised capacity of 1GB to 16GB.

The problem of fake flash usb flash drives has finally spread to Linux bootable flash drives. Something everyone who works in the FrankenFlash project hoped would never happen.

One respected eBay seller recently made a serious mistake, offering a capacity of 256GB for Ubuntu in buy now for only $49.99 and $59.99 US. A 256GB usb flash drive can not be bought wholesale at that price.


2011 Ubuntu live USB 256

Some were sold:

2011 Ubuntu live USB

TechReporters at FakeFlashNews are strong supporters of Linux.

We believe this eBay seller did not research the true costs of flash memory. It can be a deadly error for an eBay seller, ruin a hard earned reputation, especially for a seller with a long history of honesty and providing customer satisfaction.

This new discovery on eBay serves as a serious warning to buyers interested in purchasing bootable Linux usb flash drives. You should research the real costs for the capacity offered before you bid. Contact the eBay seller prior to bidding if you are unsure or have questions.

We advise you do not consider an advertised capacity above 16GB for a bootable Linux flash drive, it is overkill anyway. Flash memory pen sticks also have wear leveling to consider over time. It’s lifespan dependent on the quality of flash memory chip(s) used and their grade. As the flash drive contains an operating system, testing real capacity is problematic.

Your best guide right now to avoid a fake capacity Linux bootable usb flash drive is price. If you buy from an eBay seller and have capacity issues, please review the seller’s history of selling Linux distributions before filing a dispute. SOSFakeFlash may have a zero tolerance policy, but at the moment we believe eBay sellers in the Linux category may be new victims along with buyers. Give them a chance to make good, contact and dialogue. The seller who sold the 256GB Ubuntu live usb flash drives, did not offer them for long.

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