techhunting eBay Seller Addressing Information Needed. Do You Read Chinese? techhunting Sells Fake Flash Memory On eBay. Violates International Custom Laws With False Declarations. This Seller Is Suspected Of Belonging To An Existing eBay Counterfeit Ring, Can You Help?

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techhunting eBay seller is documented for selling false capacity MP3 MP4 players and memory cards on eBay. Fake flash memory is also known as hacked or upgraded flash memory chips. TechReporters at FakeFlashNews recently received information on this seller from SOSFakeFlash. techhunting is suspected of belonging to an eBay counterfeit ring. To connect the dots, SOSFakeFlash needs addressing information on techhunting.

Recently techhunting escalated to sell fake memory cards in 32GB Capacity. Testing with H2testw reveals the 32GB advertised size is under 2GB. The memory cards appear to have grade D flash memory chips.

eBay seller techhunting uses private auction listings to avoid detection.

techhunting eBay seller pretends innocence, a standard tactic designed to use and exceed the 45 day claim period available on eBay. In reply to buyers he insists items have been “tested” prior to shipping. At issue? What kind of testing, reporting 32GB to operating systems or able to store and retain 32GB of data?

October 2010 SOSFakeFlash published this alert: techhunting Ebay Fake Flash Memory Seller Alert Devious – China. As techhunting uses private auction listings, by SOSFakeFlash standards he has a very long period of selling fake memory. These days, eBay usually shuts down sellers of fake memory items. The exceptions are eBay power sellers enjoying special privileges and those who use private auction listings.

The only information on file with SOSFakeFlash:


If you read Chinese, do you find addressing information?

Note how techhunting violates international customs law with a false declaration, marking the item as a gift. It is also a violation of eBay rules. If you have any addressing information for eBay seller techhunting, please sent to

Items sold by techhunting:

7654 7653
8236 8237

If you purchased an mp player or memory card from techhunting we strongly urge you to test the item for true capacity prior to use. If you do not, you will be at risk for losing your files and information. This will happen as soon as you exceed the actual capacity of the flash memory storage chip.

SOSFakeFlash also records buyers who have been frauded by an eBay seller for mp players, memory cards and pen sticks. You may report the item you purchased to them. The information you must send is on their “Report A Fake” main menu bar.

Is techhunting a member of an eBay counterfeit ring? TechReporters, think so.

techhunting shows all the traditional “tells” for a fake flash memory seller belonging to a counterfeit ring. In the original alert published by SOSFakeFlash, techhunting first started by offering 4GB memory cards.

FakeFlashNews wonders….

Which counterfeit ring might techhunting belong to?

SOSFakeFlash has over 40 fake flash memory counterfeit rings operating on ebay on file.

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