Urgent! athena-caihui AKA caihui_wang0629 Ebay Fake Flash Memory Seller, Renames Id. Makes Feedback Private, To Escape Frauded Buyers. Why You Should NEVER buy Flash Memory Cards On eBay. Massive Fraud Of eBay Members. Emergency Fraud Alert.

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Memory cards and eBay = 95% chance of buying hacked memory, do you need convincing? Did you buy a 32GB TF Memory Card 32G Micro SD SDHC MicroSDHC TF or 32GB Class 6 SDHC SD Flash Memory Card on eBay? Beware, of a fake! You might find yourself a victim of upgraded flash memory fraud and a counterfeit. eBay continues to protect fraudulent sellers for flash memory at buyer expense.

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Then review How Can You Spot Fake Flash Memory Chips? What Is the Key Factor That Determines If MP3 MP4 Players, USB Flash Drives Or Memory Cards Are Fake Capacity? before you read the rest of this article. It will help you understand the dark world of upgraded flash memory.

eBay seller caihui_wang0629 did not like internet exposure for fraud. This seller renamed his id to to athena-caihui. It was not enough to avoid frauded buyers so athena-caihui aka caihui_wang0629 decided to make his feedback private.

eBay caught up with this seller and suspended him. He used private auctions with “Buy Now”. This eBay seller is just one of an endless list of memory card sellers who engage in fraud, year after year, month after month – it does not end. Do you want to know why?

DragonDakel’s Internet WatchDog For Flash Memory published:


It would appear that athena-caihui aka caihui_wang0629 was a trivial seller of fake flash memory on eBay. Not true. The feedback score might be low but nothing could be further from the truth for athena-caihui aka caihui_wang0629.

Here are some of the original listings on eBay the FakeMemorySentinel site released to TechReporters at FakeFlashNews:

Under the original caihui_wang0629:


201012 – New 32GB TF Memory Card 32G Micro SD SDHC MicroSDHC TF. 1081 sold.


201012 – New 32GB 32 GB SD SDHC Flash Memory Card Secure Digital. 1823 sold.


New 32GB Class 6 SDHC SD Flash Memory Card. 477 sold.

Under athena-caihui:


64 GB Neu USB Leathe Flash Memory Stick Thumb Drive

These are only a few of the many listings athena-caihui aka caihui_wang0629 offered. Currently SOSFakeFlash estimates over 5,000 to 7,000 eBay members have been frauded.

Why have eBay members been frauded? Review the buy now prices.

  • Kingston DT150/64Gb for only $19.99 US?
  • Kingson 32GB Class 6 SDHC SD Flash Memory Cards for only $12.96 US?
  • Sandisk Extreme 32 GB SD SDHC Flash Memory Cards for only $$12.96 US?
  • 32GB TF Memory Card 32G Micro SD SDHC MicroSDHC for only $14.95 US?

They are unrealistic, far below the cost to produce.

Unfortunately many buyers on eBay are completely unaware of the costs to produce quality flash memory chips. They continue to assume anything purchased from Hong Kong or China, must be cheaper as the items are closer to the source of production. Also they rationalize cheaper prices, convincing themselves they are cheaper because middle men are removed from the selling equation. It is a deadly mistake.

eBay seller athena-caihui aka caihui_wang0629 preyed on the illusions, the false assumptions many eBay members make. eBay is cheaper, eBay sellers in the Orient are cheaper still. While this may be true for many products sold on eBay, it is not true for flash memory based items.

Who is to blame? athena-caihui aka caihui_wang0629? eBay? The eBay members? There will be differing opinions, it depends who you are.

  • athena-caihui aka caihui_wang0629 offered the illusion, what buyers wanted. Lots of flash memory, cheap. This eBay seller, obliged.
  • eBay generates revenue from listing fees, the more listings sold, the more money eBay makes.
  • Buyers wanted more for less.

athena-caihui aka caihui_wang0629 has the hallmarks of a counterfeit ring id. Unfortunately, unless buyers report all addressing information to SOSFakeFlash at SOSFakeFlashDrive@gmail.com they will not be able to trace the seller’s true origins.

Buyers who wanted “more for less”. It leads to the acquisition of “upgraded” flash memory products. It can be a very unpleasant lesson. Not only is money lost, but data. Some who are frauded, feel foolish discovering they purchased a fake at ridiculous prices, others are outraged. Some feel both foolish and also outraged, especially if they lost important information.

If you purchased from athena-caihui aka caihui_wang0629 or any other fraudulent seller, you are not alone. If you feel a little silly for paying such unrealistic prices, you are not alone. Many who work in the FrankenFlash Project made the same mistake.

Most people do not realize flash memory chips are expensive, partly due to the high quality control process involved in the manufacture and inspection leading to as much as 33% of chips being discarded from every wafer. Who really thought they needed to know so much before buying?

Buyers on eBay naively assume, eBay will protect them. On listings you will see “eBay Buyer Protection”, boldly displayed.

It gives eBay members a false sense of security. Where flash memory is concerned – mp players, memory cards and usb flash drives, it can be deadly. eBay does not verify listings for flash memory. They don’t have any special rules for these products. eBay does not require sellers to post a bond before listing (so buyers can be refunded if a seller sells fraudulent memory), they don’t hold sellers accountable, even though listings state sellers are responsible for what they sell. The eBay id, athena-caihui aka caihui_wang0629 is a perfect example.

As many as 7000+ eBay members frauded by – caihui aka caihui_wang0629?

How many will discover they bought a hacked memory card or usb flash drive in time? How many will receive a refund?

Yes, eBay finally suspended the id, but is this good? When eBay suspends an id, buyers will no longer be able to review the listing they purchased, it will disappear.

Who will benefit from this?

eBay and fake memory seller actually are the winners, not frauded buyers. It is about removing the footprint from the internet about the fraudulent items.

Who is trying to prevent the footprint from disappearing on the internet?

There are two sites preserving information:

The first issues warnings, the second documents confirmed sellers of fake flash memory.

The SOSFakeFlash site publishes lists of eBay sellers who sold fake memory items and issues alerts on what the seller offered to members.

To assist eBay victims of fake flash memory SOSFakeFlash just published a brand new guide:

SOSFakeFlash Reading List For Newbies Fake Flash Memory eBay And Internet Sites. Ultimate Internet Reference On Fake Hacked Flash Memory In A Nutshell. 3 Years Of Research And Documentation. 1,000,000 Flash Memory Chips Are Digitally Altered To Lie About Their Real Capacity Every Month

It is the most comprehensive reading list and guide to help new victims of fake flash memory purchases on eBay! It makes it easy to find articles and important information with hot links, great navigation features. It includes three years of hard work and investigation on the subject of fake flash memory.

athena-caihui aka caihui_wang0629 is currently suspended but new fraudulent seller id’s on eBay will appear, daily.

There are so many eBay sellers ready to sell the illusion – you can buy huge flash memory capacity for next to nothing in price.

What did the seller athena-caihui aka caihui_wang0629 offer on eBay?













If you bought from this id, athena-caihui AKA caihui_wang0629:

  1. Test the capacity using H2testw
  2. File a dispute to get your money back. Do NOT accept any 45 day claim window!
  3. If you don’t get your money back and you paid with a credit card, contact the credit card company to ask for a reversal of the transaction for fraud. Most will only be too happy to protect you as they are concerned for your welfare as a valued customer. You are welcome to refer them to this article. It gives the facts and speaks plainly about the fraud for this seller.
  4. Make sure you send an email to eBay. Protest! Demand they explain why they allowing listings for fake flash memory. FakeFlashNews has presented some of the listings and any authority on flash memory prices will tell you, the prices charged by athena-caihui aka caihui_wang0629 shout the items were for fakes – hacked memory.
  5. Please take the time to let others know just how unsafe it is to buy flash memory on eBay especially memory cards! Let your friends and family know about your experience on eBay. Tell your colleagues at work. Education is important to reduce the number of victims, to prevent new people from becoming victims.

Are there honest sellers on eBay for flash memory?


Only you will have difficulty finding them. Do you know why?

They charge realistic and fair prices. They are buried under the listings for fake memory. Most people sort their search lists for the lowest prices first so honest sellers are never seen. Who goes to page 44?

A lot of sellers who offer you genuine flash memory on eBay don’t last very long. It is sad and a horrible truth.

The listing fees eBay charges, the commission from the sale and paypal fees eat their modest profit dry. They do not have chance. How can they? When a fraudulent seller lists a 32GB TF Memory Card 32G Micro SD SDHC MicroSDHC for only $14.95 US?

SOSFakeFlash reports victims continue to ask who the honest flash memory sellers are. The trouble is, most go out of business very quickly. If you ask us? Sort your search list for the highest prices first! We don’t think you will like the idea very much. It is a way to find the honest flash memory sellers on eBay, though. You will find a quick change as you move from page to page, suddenly the prices will drop dramatically to the ridiculous. When that happens start moving back through your pages, now you will find more honest sellers.

There is also another way to spot honest sellers of flash memory on eBay, do you know how?

Contact buyers who bought from the seller, ask if they tested with H2testw. Did they get the advertised capacity? When you get a least three replies from members who swear they got the real capacity, now you can consider buying from the seller. Will you get three confirmations for genuine flash memory? The price point will give you your answer.

The unpleasant fact remains, you have a 95% chance of buying a fake flash memory card on ebay.

So what does this mean to you, the consumer?

FakeFlashNews has been reporting on fake flash memory chips for a long time, TechReporters has only one conclusion, boycott eBay for flash memory. Stay away until it becomes safe to buy flash memory on eBay.

It will not be safe to buy mp players, usb flash drives or memory cards on eBay until consumers stop expecting “More for less”, unrealistic bargain prices.

Demand = supply. If people expect they can buy a 32GB flash memory card for as little as $12.96 US they will be victims of flash memory fraud. There will always be a new eBay seller most happy to oblige with the illusion.

eBay will not stop sellers from listing fraudulent memory, the records at SOSFakeFlash make this very clear. We see the situation continuing, indefinitely.


eBay members continue to pursue the illusion of “More for Less”! In almost all cases, you get what you PAID FOR! If you review the Global Report – eBay Fake Memory 2008 – 2009 and compare it against the spot prices. You will find understand better why you became a victim of flash memory fraud.

Note Gb is not GB, you must divide by 8 to get GB sizing.

Report your fake flash memory cards to SOSFakeFlash. Use their Report A Fake tab. Become a wise consumer, do not buy flash memory cards on eBay.