eBay Singapore 32GB 64GB 128GB 256GB 512GB: Fälschung – Falso – Namaak – Falešný – Faux – Falsificação – Lažni – Hamisítvány – Fals – Padirbtas – Falošný – Viltots – Bandia – Sahte – Gadungan – Pekeng. eBay Counterfeit Rings Continue To Sell Fake Flash Memory!

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Buying usb flash drives on eBay is very risky. How many languages are needed to make people aware of the dangers on eBay? Did you know that 95% of eBay listings are for fake memory items? If you don’t believe FakeFlashNews read: SOSFakeFlash – eBay Fraud Flash Memory Upgraded Digitally Altered Capacity. Status Report November 2010. Best eBay Prices For USB Pen sticks, Memory Cards, MP Players. Warning – 95% Of eBay Listings Are For Fake Memory.

eBay sellers registered in Singapore are the most skilled at selling fake flash memory. Usb flash drives, memory cards and MP Players. They make the best counterfeits, so easy to fool you.

The problem in for eBay sellers who are registered in Singapore is so bad that the FrankenFlash Project has a full time member dedicated exclusively to detecting these sellers!

eBay will suspend them if they are caught selling fake memory, but eBay does not warn buyers or refund everyone for a fake memory seller. Instead, members must fight with eBay to ensure they receive a refund.

How many languages are needed to warn people not to buy memory cards, usb pen sticks or mp3, mp4 or mp5 players on eBay. Too many run to buy at cheap prices! The consequences are obvious, fake memory, data loss, no refund.

The FrankenFlash project continues to struggle to warn and protect people against fake memory, especially from Singapore.

See the confirmed Singapore sellers at SOSFakeFlash.

See the warnings issued by FakeMemorySentinel.

Look at these recent listings from Singapore:






How can these fraudulent sellers be stopped?

  1. You must report to SOSFakeFlash
  2. You must fight for a refund.
  3. You must warn other buyers for the seller! How Are People Fighting Against Fake Memory MP Players, USB Flash Drives And Memory Cards? eBay And The Internet.

The good news is when people fight back and refuse to be frauded, sellers are suspended by eBay. By reporting into SOSFakeFlash you make a contribution. They will add your seller to their eBay Fake Memory Sellers Lists.

The lists are a permanent record. They also issue alerts to document everything the seller sold. This becomes a record. eBay can not deny the record. eBay can not deny the truth about how they permit the fraud. People who report in are privileged. They are not forgotten by SOSFakeFlash as they are recorded in the database. SOSFakeFlash is a member in the FrankenFlash project. This project many times organizes victims against a bad seller. They get sellers shut down, removed from eBay so they can no longer seller or harm people with fake memory.

This is a difficult subject. Fake Memory, altered flash memory chips is a subject many prefer would disappear from the internet. It reduces sales for sellers who want to make money frauding people. This is good news for buyers who have suffered. It is bad news for sellers determined to harm others on eBay!

Be very careful on eBay. You will not find a bargain for usb flash memory pen sticks, memory cards or mp players. If 95% of listings are for fakes, do you think you will get a genuine item at a cheap price? TechReporters must say you will become a victim. There is just to much evidence about fraud. It is best you avoid eBay for flash memory.

Sellers On File With SOSFakeFlash Sending From Singapore:


Known Addresses for Singapore Fake Flash Memory Sellers on eBay:

30 Kaki Bukit Road 3
#06-03/04 Empire Techno
Centre Singapore 418713

30 kaki buldt rd 3
#06-03/04 empire techno ctr

30 kaki buki road 3 #06-03/04
Empire techno ctr

Beware of any flash memory items coming from variant ions on this address!

Read: H2testw 1.4 – Gold Standard In Detecting USB Counterfeit Drives. You may have purchased a fake flash memory product.