DHGate Seller Offers Wholesale Fix 16GB 32GB 64GB 128GB 256GB USB Flash Drive Pen Book

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DHGate seller Offers an eBook to fix fake flash memory. superstar-1973 is trying to prevent flash memory fraud and determined to profit from selling fake flash memory products.

Selling a usb flash drive at 512GB that as yet does not exist, superstar-1973 has a very unusual sense of humor. He offers 512GB flash memory capacity for as low as $17.20 US.

superstar-1973 512GB

superstar-1973 - Sony VAIO 512GB

He also offers an eBook to fix flash memory.

Wholesale Fix 16GB 32GB 64GB 128GB 256GB USB Flash Drive Pen Book

There are a lot of internet listings for eBooks promising to fix fake flash memory. Most recommend creating a partition for the real size. A very dangerous solution. Still there is money to be make from selling foolish ideas. superstar-1973 is having fun with people who believe there is a quick solution to fixing hacks for flash memory.

Listing superstar-1973

superstar-1973 used an image from an eBay seller who sells a solution to fix fake flash memory. It was his way of mocking a very naive eBay seller who thinks he has the answer to fixing usb flash memory hacks.

superstar-1973 - Fix Fake Memory

FakeFlashNews contacted groups in the FrankenFlash Project about this listing. They all agreed superstar-1973 in offering this listing is sending a clear message. superstar-1973’s listings on DHgate for flash memory products screams digitally altered capacity. superstar-1973 knows only too well what motivates people. Greed. Naivety. Wanting to have unrealistic prices for flash memory products. superstar-1973 is only too happy to oblige. This seller is also aware of the naive attempts to offer a simple solution to fixing fake flash memory. This listing, mocks people who do not understand flash memory technology.

We understood superstar-1973’s message, do you?

If you look at the listing image, not only was it stolen, it is also being offered by another id on DHgate. Fake flash memory sellers have many ids.