Did eBay Seller pashanghuohewanglaoji20 Run From eBay Not Claiming Payment From Buyers MP3 MP4 Players? Sold 1900+ At $11.58 US For 8GB. Or Is Law Enforcement Hunting Chinese Sellers Of Fake Memory Products?

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Are you one of 1900+ eBay members who purchased an 8GB MP Player from pashanghuohewanglaoji20? Did anyone receive? FakeFlashNews and SOSFakeFlash are curious to learn if anyone was able to pay for one of these $11.58 MP players at PayPal?

According to investigators in the FrankenFlash Project something very strange happened with eBay seller pashanghuohewanglaoji20. Nobody knows if the police in China shut him down. Did they?

KittyFireFlash from SOSFakeFlash told TechReporters, SOSFakeFlash is noticing an increased activity on eBay to remove sellers selling really obvious flash memory fakes.


It looks like eBay finally decide to spend some money and get a set of dentures. False teeth they might be, but they seem to be working in over drive. eBay’s new dentures are biting fake flash memory sellers where the sun does not shine. It’s making our lives a little easier.

For a small percentage of buyers, they get warnings not to complete a transaction and the payment laggards on eBay are the lucky ones these days. They get to back out of purchases for fake flash memory! Others though, are not so fortunate.

SOSFakeFlash is not certain eBay pulled pashanghuohewanglaoji20’s fake flash chain. Mind you, they do own Paypal and not the other way around.

It is very possible law enforcement in China is taking some action….

We hope so, it’s not good for the Fabs, bad for business to be tied into selling digitally altered flash memory. Flash chips that should have been destroyed or limited to use in toys.

eBay members need to be very careful when choosing to skip the bidding process and use “Buy Now” instead for usb flash drives, mp players and memory cards. It’s a new technique fake flash memory sellers are using.

The objective is to reduce the number of listings, make it harder for eBay and members who patrol for fraudulent listings. It allows for a “Blitzkreig” approach, or “dump and run” as SOSFakeFlash calls it – list for a few days then disappear. How they “disappear” can come from a number of different actions:

  1. Reported by buyers
  2. Removed by eBay
  3. Volunteer registration
  4. Forced removal as a result of pressure from brand names

The case of eBay seller pashanghuohewanglaoji20 is a mystery. Can you help solve it?

Not mystery,the number of buyers who jumprf to purchase an 8GB mp player for only $11.58 US.