How Did 2009yanzi eBay Seller Get Away With Flash Memory Sale Fraud?

Posted on August 14, 2010 by


2009yanzi was a seller of fake usb flash drives and memory cards. As awareness about digitally altered flash memory continues to grow, people are learning it is possible to reprogamme flash memory chips to lie about their true capacity and fool operating systems.

2009yanzi was discovered and realizing his time was limited, changed his multiple item listings to require immediate payment. 2009yanzi knew it would not be long before eBay would suspend him. Fraudulent sellers on eBay know their paypal accounts will soon be frozen if they are discovered. PayPal has a very long arm. Sellers like 2009yanzi know this and will escalate their sales to try and withdraw as much money as they can before they are caught and 2009yanzi was.

Suspended, all listings for 2009yanzi disappeared. Evidence of the listings, the prices charged for usb flash drives and the qualities sold disappeared from the internet, or did they?

The good news is that evidence of 2009yanzi’s fraud was captured. You can read about it in detail.

2009yanzi eBay Seller Suspended Sold 256 GB, 128GB Fake USB Flash Drives – Sony Viao And Kingston Datatraveler. 8GB MP3 MP4 Players. Multiple Item Listing Information Available.

You will be very surprised to learn what eBay members are willing to pay. How many eBay members were frauded by 2009yanzi? Read the article, have your caculator ready.