eBay Immediate Payment zhouxun_gunha198305 Fake Memory Seller Suspended!

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zhouxun_gunha198305 eBay seller sold fake Kingston USB Flash drives and mp players on eBay. DragonDakel’s team at FakeMemorySentinel issued an alert to test any item purchased from eBay seller zhouxun_gunha198305: zhouxun_gunha198305 eBay Flash Memory Seller China – Test Immediately!

It didn’t take long for the warning to become one the top posts at FakeMemorySentinel. zhouxun_gunha198305 knew there was little time left to fraud. He changed his multiple item listings to require immediate payment for mp players and usb flash drives.

Recent reports from SOSFakeFlash indicate eBay is actively sending messages to buyers to not complete transactions for fake memory sellers. However, only for brand name items. eBay is worried more about legal action from trademark companies then false capacity flash memory sold.

eBay members who purchased from zhouxun_gunha198305 are now in a difficult situation.

The listings removed from won lists. If they bid and bought in the last 6 days, they will not be able to raise a dispute to receive a refund. Frauded buyers must wait seven days. It is why zhouxun_gunha198305 changed his listings to require immediate payment – run with the cash!

eBay fake memory sellers continue to outsmart eBay and buyers.

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