eBay Suspends hello-9928 aka Andy-wjm Betrüger Scam Artist Fake Flash Memory Seller! The Fight For Refunds Escalates.

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eBay is attempting to prevent frauded buyers from claiming refunds from fraudulent seller hello-9928 aka Andy-wjm.

Victim Rocket Ham reports  eBay will not initiate the refund process because PayPal has issued a directive that claims against this seller may not be filed.

KittyFireFlash from SOSFakeFlash reports:

Activity for the fake flash memory seller known as Andy-wjm who recently renamed his id to hello-9928 at our site SOSFakeFlash, is off the charts. It is rare to see a seller climb so quickly in top posts, especially with so many fake flash memory sellers on eBay. This seller had a score over 47,000+ . When FakeFlashNews published:

it took only two days before eBay suspended him.

Our team is overloaded trying to counsel victims for this seller. We advise that people refuse to accept the fraud or any nonsense from eBay about not being able to process claims because PayPal says it it is not okay to do so. eBay owns PayPal and not the other way around. Both are very much aware of this seller. SOSFakeFlash published an alert back in August 2009.

The behavior in trying to block refunds is not unusual for eBay but the norm. We’ve studied their behavior and response to frauded buyers for over two years and we have the data to prove it.

The best advice we can give to buyers of hello-9928 aka Andy-wjm is to hold eBay accountable. To refuse any games they play and be persistent in demanding refunds.

I like to remind frauded buyers of one of my favorite articles:

I like it because it mirrors what we know at SOSFakeFlash – it is possible to get a refund if you just will not give up!

It’s important that people who have been frauded on eBay, stand up and refuse the fraud. We don’t recommend that anyone fund their purchases from a bank account. Instead a credit card should be used.

While eBay and PayPal do not like members calling their credit card companies for assistance to do a reversal for fraud, it works. It also hurts their revenue and justly so. It is well deserved for permitting the sale of fake flash memory products for over eight years.

The hello-9928 aka Andy-wjm case is a block buster at SOSFakeFlash. There is an opportunity here to send a clear message to eBay and for victims to make their disapproval known.

TechReporters at FakeFlashNews would like you to know the case of hello-9928 aka Andy-wjm powerseller is not unusual for flash memory fraud on eBay.

eBay refusing to process claims as PayPal issued a “directive” buyers were not allowed to file claims against this seller, is very odd and mysterious. Given the hits at SOSFakeFlash for this seller, the magnitude of fraud by hello-9928 aka Andy-wjm must be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

TechReporters are very curious. Why is PayPal attempting to protect the eBay seller id hello-9928 aka Andy-wjm ?

FakeFlashNews is aware of the counterfeit ring operating on eBay and that quite a few of the id’s also sell at other internet sites. Paypal is the preferred method of payment. How deep does this conspiracy and cover up go?

  1. Who are the people behind these internet id identities?
  2. Just how much revenue do they generate in listing fees and processing fees that PayPal is determined to protect them?
  3. As Paypal is owned by eBay, how is it that PayPal calls the shots and tells eBay what they can and can not do?

We doubt that eBay suspended this seller to protect buyers. What eBay seller receives over 870 negatives in one month?

TechReporters believe eBay had no choice. Victims are leveraging the internet to expose the fraud for fake flash memory products sold on eBay.