hello-9928 aka Andy-wjm 32GB MP Player 8 $US Fraud!

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hello-9928 aka Andy-wjm Known eBay Seller Fake MP Player. Sells 32GB MP Players For As Low As $8.50 US. Buyers Fighting His Fraud.

hello-9928 is really an old timer of fake mp players on eBay. This id has been frauding for over one year. Can you buy a 32GB MP Player for only 8 US dollars? Some eBay members actually believe they can. hello-9928 is really eBay seller Andy-wjm. As buyers are fighting back against him and his recent use of private auctions he renamed his eBay id. This is not unusual, most fraudulent sellers on eBay do this when they find themselves discovered for what they really are – fraudulent.

hello-9928 aka Andy-wjm’s feedback score speaks for itself.

You can read about it in SOSFakeFlash’s recent alert: hello-9928 aka Andy-wjm eBay Fake Flash Memory Seller High Alert Devious – China and FakeMemorySentinel’s andy-wjm eBay Fake Flash Memory Powerseller

This is your opportunity if you are a victim to fight back and have this seller suspended. Did you know he is part of a counterfeit ring operating on eBay?