lbquyuanwai Fraud! ebay Seller Switches To Private Auction Listings. Buyers Turning Up Heat Against Chen Yipeng Counterfeit Ring. crystalpalace1987, leo4xmas Ids Also Active.

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lbquyuanwai notorious eBay seller of fake flash memory has switched to private auction listings. Reported to SOSFakeFlash in August 2009, lbquyuanwai went undergroud for a while. He is skilled, manipulating buyers to change feedback from negative with a promise of refund. While this is against eBay policy, lbquyuanwai is not a newcomer to fake flash memory selling and knows exactly how to exploit buyers and eBay. lbquyuanwai is not Chen Yipeng’s only eBay id.

In April 2010 lbquyuanwai returned to selling fake memory with a vengeance. Once again SOSFakeFlash issued a warning Currently lbquyuanwai is flooding eBay Fake 32GB Micro SD SDHC Memory Card 32 G GB MicroSD S32 listings.

Every 15 minutes a new victim is claimed by lbquyuanwai.


lbquyuanwai-massive listing

lbquyuanwai’s feedback score is dipping. Unfortunately as buyers revise feedback with the promise of a refund lbquyuanwai continues to fly under eBay’s radar. A suspension for the lbquyuanwai is only possible if frauded buyers leave negative feedback to reduce his score and stand by it, no matter what pressure to tactics lbquyuanwai tries.

lbquyuanwai-feedback revision

What are the ids in this counterfeit ring?


The crystalpalace1987 id also active in the YU zhikang counterfeit ring. According to SOSFakeFlash this is not uncommon. They continue to connect the “dots” patiently with the help of frauded buyers.

There is only one way to stop lbquyuanwai from claiming a new victim every 15 minutes. Buyers need to warn others using eBay’s messaging system.

SOSFakeFlash is asking all frauded buyers to report in using the Report A Fake tab at their site for lbquyuanwai, crystalpalace1987, leo4xmas.

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