Beware Avoid brokencontrollers . com Warning! Is NOT FakeMemorySentinel! The Official site is

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Victims are reporting of a site called www. brokencontrollers . com listing posts from FakeMemorySentinel. Do not click on these links! ( is a site scraper, a spam site attempting to hijack traffic to boost its ratings in google. Click at your own risk.

It is unacceptable to steal content from other sites and represent it as your own material. This is exactly what www. brokencontrollers . com does. It pretends to be the author and it tries to steal internet rank ratings.

It is perfectly fine to reference an article, for example:

vviigame eBay Flash Memory Seller Hong Kong – Test Immediately!

It is not fine to pretent you are the author:

brokencontrollers stealing post vviigame

The real site and author was:vviigame real author Of Post

This is not the first time this site has tried to hijack material on the subject of Fake Flash Memory published by FrankenFlash Project sites. In April 2010 FakeFlashNews was obliged to warn internet users and published:

Warning! Beware Avoid brokencontrollers . com Is NOT SOSFakeFlash! The Official site is

The FrankenFlash Project is devoted to exposing the fraud of reprogramming flash memory chips and the danger to data files that result from digitally altered chips flooding the market in usb flash drives, mp players and memory cards. The message about hacked memory is important for the global community and is provided as community service.

(www. brokencontrollers . com) is trying to get a free lunch at the expense of consumers who purchased fake flash memory items. Another kind of fraud?

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