Why kitkitdigital2008 eBay Seller Can Continue to Fraud For MP Players USB Flash Drives. eBay Members Remove Negative Feed Back To Get A Refund.

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Do you wonder how fake usb flash drives, memory cards and mp players can continue to be sold on eBay? Why fraudulent sellers in Asia can continue to get away with it? While SOSFakeFlash and the FrankenFlash project work around the clock investigating and issuing internet alerts to warn consumers, a lot of eBay members betray. Finding the alerts, they leave negative feedback, file disputes to get their money back, then they leave follow up feedback saying they will remove negative feedback if they get a refund – exactly what an eBay seller of fake memory is hoping for.

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TechReporters at FakeFlashNews asked KittyFireFlash at SOSFakeFlash for his opinion.

KittyFireFlash replied:

Some eBay members are very naive. Others unfortunately use our information to get refunds, but do not consider other eBay members also frauded. This is a real problem. It angers those who sacrifice their free time to volunteer on the project. They view it as a betrayal.

eBay members and their responses to the problem mirror our real world.

You have noble people who consider others and even sacrifice their refunds for the sake of fellow members. They even leave that response in feedback too.

You have other people who only think of themselves. They are exploitive by nature. Upset at being frauded, they look for opportunities to get their money back. Frequently they are people who actually paid the least and scream the most. They will leverage information on the internet to assist themselves. They will not make a contribution. In short, they users, in the worst sense of the word.

We saw this response. It make us sad. It happens a lot.

It is hard enough to fight eBay fraud, but what do we do about eBay members who choose to sell out their fellow members? This a question often raised at our site.

In the last 18 months, it has been the major cause for people leaving the project. It is not the fake flash sellers, but the behavior of many frauded victims that makes peopel who help give up, usually in disgust at the actions of some. We can’t blame them. They have valid grounds.

At the moment we are not sure what we will do about this. There is a strong possibility we might shut down our investigative and reporting activies, if it continues. There are those who advocate taking a 3 to 6 month break. Simply leaving eBay victims to their fate. It’s a hard call. We have prepared the global community with a lot of information, perhaps more than enough.

We vote on actions. I am trying to delay a shutdown. I am against it as there has been a lot of positive progress. Yes, I am just as upset as everyone else, but why should everyone suffer just because some eBay members prefer to betray? I prefer to consider everyonee who fought hard and made sacrifices: in personal time and or financial (no refund) since they understand the issue, know what data loss means and because they have integrity. Keyword, integrity.

Why should a few bad apples spoil things. Ok, they do a lot of damage. Ok, they are in the same class as fake flash memory sellers, yes they are stupid and low, but they do not represent the majority of eBay members. Most are honest and decent.

What we see on eBay generally is nothing more than a mirror of the world in which we live. Good. Bad.

People who report into SOSFakeFlash and then change their feedback for a refund are at risk of having their information removed from the database. A lot of people don’t know this. Yes, we do it. Especially when a blatant action that lead to more eBay members being frauded. It might reduce our statistics, but does it really matter? It just takes one report to reveal a fake memory seller on eBay.

FakeFlashNews receives updates on the metrics from SOSFakeFlash. It’s hard to argue with their data. One report is enough to detect a fraudulent seller on eBay – additional reports, that is just additional commentary.

We like the work SOSFakeFlash does to help eBay members. TechReporters agree with KittyFireFlash, we all need to look at the positive efforts and avoid looking at the negative. If you have been frauded on eBay and are confused by the high positive feedback a fraudulent seller receives, you need to be aware that many eBay members change their negative and neutral feedback to receive a refund. The ironic part is, most who leave comments such at the one documented in this article don’t get the refund. Since they leave follow up feedback they are out of feedback options when the seller DOES NOT REFUND. Perhaps this is a sort of justice in itself. The frauded buyer willing to allow fraud to other eBay members, is ultimately frauded again! No refund. The seller wins of course, but at least the buyer who betrays, pays a price too.

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