eBay Removes Item Listings For Fake 32GB 64GB 128GB 256GB 512GB Flash Memory MP Players, USB Flash Drives, Memory Cards. What Does This Mean To YOU The Buyer?

Posted on April 26, 2010 by


Recently eBay under increasing pressure from buyers and SOSFakeFlash has started to remove seller listings for false capacity MP Players, usb flash drives and memory cards rapidly. SOSFakeFlash reports cases of listings disappearing while frauded buyers are still on the telephone with eBay the details of their purchase. Is this a good thing? Appearances are deceiving.

You would think the quick removal of eBay seller listings for hacked memory items would be a victory for frauded buyers. Nothing is further from the truth.

Fraudulent sellers of false capacity flash memory are under attack by eBay members. As a result sellers have changed tactics. Most now use the “buy now” category, it allows them to use one listing to sell many units. The moment eBay removes the listing, buyers can not consult their won list to review listing, it is gone! The traces on the internet also disappear rapidly.

Some may argue that at least new victims are prevented by removing the listings as soon as the problem is reported. Unfortunately, according to SOSFakeFlash, the seller simply uses another id to continue selling. The cycle repeats itself, endlessly.

The real winners are not frauded buyers or SOSFakeFlash but eBay and the fake flash memory sellers.

SOSFakeFlash is requests buyers test and document their fake flash memory items, before calling in to eBay; to take screen captures of the listing they purchased. If it is a multiple item listing to clearly show the count of units sold by the seller. This applies to open auctions and private auctions. Should the listing “disappear”, the best way to prevent the evidence from disappearing is to post the image(s) at a website with a caption for the eBay seller and forward the url address to to sosfakeflashdrive@gmail.com immediately.

To assist SOSFakeFlash cope with the crises in fake memory on eBay, more victims are choosing to post their graphics, photos and information at websites, sending in the address. They welcome the help as it cuts down on processing and investigation time.

FakeFlashNews believes frauded buyers should still contact eBay to have listings removed, but be naive about it. Capture the listing information first as eBay is acting in “self protection”, not in the interest of buyers. According to all groups in the FrankenFlash project, if sincere all buyers of the item listings would be contacted by email informing them of the fake followed by an immediate full refund with an apology.