Tips On Searching Internet For Current Flash Memory Prices

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Are you trying to find out the current prices for flash memory chips? Are you using a search engine and perhaps typing in: “current flash memory prices” ?

Be careful. Search engines present internet pages by popularity. This is not always good when trying to research the current prices for flash memory. It can even be misleading.

Google Flash Memory Prices

So how do you search? If you are looking for current prices, you should use an advanced search limiting the results to the last year, month or week depending on what your search engine offers. Always use a date scoping, start by limiting to only the last month.

Currently prices are not going down, there is still a shortage and in many cases the prices are going up. You don’t see that from the search presented above. In fact you get the mistaken impression memory prices are dropping. This impression can be a big mistake. It may even lead you to buy from a wholesale site in China. They count on the impression a simple search for prices gives. To give an example, according to SOSFakeFlash one very deadly site is DHGate, just look to see what the prices are for 128GB usb flash drives. Under $16 US a unit?

MemoTrek is an honest company specializing in wholesale of usb flash drives. Unlike many usb wholesaling companies they expend a lot of effort to educate potential customers on the costs of usb flash memory. They have to, they are honest and have integrity. It is not easy to battle the competition ready to offer cheaper prices for false capacity items or items using sub standard memory chips.

FakeFlashNews finds their information helpful to understand what is going on in the flash memory market. They publish quarterly reports.

To learn more about Trends and current forecasts, please read their recent article:

NAND Flash Prices: 4Q Trends & 2010 Forecast

In searching for current flash memory chip prices, resist quick internet searches. Always use a date scoping and keep it recent. We recommend you visit the MemoTrek site, read their Trade News & Market Updates section, you will learn a lot. We did.