eBay Seller Of Fake Memory Cards sunfeixia2009 Changes Id To sunfeixia99 After eBay Suspension? Preparing For A Come Back?

Posted on April 22, 2010 by


eBay seller sunfeixia2009 of false capacity 32GB SD SDHC flash memory secure digital cards has renamed his id to sunfeixia99. This was followed by deregistering. Did eBay suspend him or is he taking a little break to prepare his new identity?

Techreports believe his feedback score dropped and he is in the penalty box. It will not be for long, the rename of id indicates sunfeixia99 aka sunfeixia2009 is already preparing to start selling again.

Please monitor Monitor sunfeixia99 aka sunfeixia2009 negative and neutral feedback for a return.

Known addresses for sunfeixia99 aka sunfeixia2009:

30 kaki Bukit Road 3
#06-03/04 Empire Techno Centre
Singapore 418713

1A-24i Yujing Huacheng,Futian District,
Shenzhen City,Guangdong Prov,

sunfeixia99 aka sunfeixia2009 belongs to the Kaki Bukit eBay counterfeit ring. This ring has 9 ebay ids on file at SOSFakeFlash if you include the rename.

If you should ever see a 50% off sale for flash memory cards on eBay and you bid, prepare yourself to become another eBay member who will be frauded and receive a digitally altered memory card “pretending” to be the size advertised. Flash memory prices are not going down. There is a shortage of memory chips and little surplus inventory, except for low sizes (2GB, 4GB) and usually the factory rejects (Grade C and D). Flash memory chips are not like last years designer fashions – there is no clearance occuring. It would force sellers to sell at a loss, mark up is very small and modest.



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