gosaving.net 64GB Transcend Counterfeit Fakes Sold. JetFlash V30 USB Flash Memory Drives

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gosaving.net sells fake counterfeit Transcend JetFlash V30 usb flash drives at 64GB advertised capacity. The V30 usb flash drive is only manufactured to 16GB capacity. gosaving.net is now another internet site where hacked memory is sold. The list of sites continues to grow.

Recently this listing appeared: http://www.gosaving.net/usb/item.asp?itemid=980u173382


An examination of Transcend colour coding reveals that the “Green” is for a 4GB flash drive.


Shell casing are easily though some times crudely duplicated by counterfeiters. The only way to be sure, is to open the item and decode the flash memory storage chip.

A recent victim on gosaving.net had this to say:

Hello, i’m from Holland so my English may not be perfect

I’m a victim of the site from http://www.gosaving.net
i did buy two USB memory sticks from 64GB
First my computer did not recognized them at all, i formatted them and tested them with H2TESTW and the program everytime (after hours and hours and….) crashed,and then is just 9.7 GB on the stick ore tho windows says it is 62.5gb!! on it
On the stick is standing: MIC D33193
after searching on the internet it is a “Transcend D33193? type: V30 and looks the same also
But unfortently they ore unusable and no 64GB!
let this be a warning! dont by them!
a wright gosaving.net a several time, but no answer, so i did a today i clame Paypal, still waiting also

Original comment can be viewed here.

You will find wholesaling internet sites in the Orient infested with hacked (digitally altered) flash memory products for sale. This merchandise often packaged to look very much like the genuine product. Transcend and other brand names use colour coding and other techniques to combat counterfeiting.

Transcend offers product validation, use it. Read: Counterfeit Fake Transcend USB Flash Drives – Product Verification Validation.