eBay United States Flash Memory Sellers Can Be Ignorant And Nasty. Case Of eBay Seller foxtreesoftware.

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eBay sellers in the United States tend to be the most ignorant of about flash memory items they sell on eBay. Many do not research their product or the costs of flash memory chips. When challenged by a buyer who tests capacity, some accuse the buyers in follow up feedback. Take the recent case reported to SOSFakeFlash for eBay seller foxtreesoftware:

The victim had a serious struggle with foxtreesoftware . Eventually he was refunded. Following policy to protect buyers on eBay, the victim left negative feedback to warn other buyers. foxtreesoftware had not removed his listings nor attempted to contact and warn his buyers. Instead, this is the response the seller left:


The seller in retaliation, accused the victim of selling the same items at amazon and uBid. Not true. foxtreesoftware didn’t end there but issued a positive negative against the buyer:


foxtreesoftware also demonstrated his technical knowledge of the 128GB usb flash drives he was selling.

foxtreesoftware-Description Size

128GB and 128 MB is the same thing for foxtreesoftware.

According to SOSFakeFlash, eBay sellers caught selling hacked usb flash drives if reported will receive the same treatment as eBay sellers based in the Orient. There are no exceptions, all fake flash memory sellers are handled the same way – equality at it’s best.

The zero tolerance policy remains, to understand why visit SOSFakeflash and read:

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