Beware USA eBay Sellers – 32GB 64GB 128GB 256GB 500GB 512GB USB FLASH DRIVE USB 2.0 PEN STICK MEMORY Fakes. Sellers Ignorant Of Flash Memory Technology And Prices.

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eBay Sellers in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada are unleashing a secondary plague of fake usb flash drives on eBay members. FakeFlashNews is presenting two case studies with additional information to help buyers understand the problem. It is unfortunate so many believe the items are defective. They do not realize the flash memory chips have been digitally altered to lie about their real capacity to operating systems.

According to SOSFakeFlash there is a global epidemic occurring for false capacity flash memory items being sold on eBay. You can read their report published at SOSFakeFlash:

Crises on Ebay For Fake Flash Memory Products Sold In 32GB 64GB 128GB 256GB – SOSFakeFlash Reports

In an effort to help identify sellers, the FrankenFlash Project has redirected the efforts of most senior members to investigate and detect suspect flash memory items on eBay. They are examining eBay listings and have begun to document and publish at the new watchdog site, FakeMemorySentinel.

A preliminary report received by FakeFlashNews from the FakeMemorySentinel team is disturbing. TechReporters needs no convincing, it is getting worse on eBay.

eBay sellers in the United States, Canada and the UK have absolutely no idea what they are selling. They are unaware of the harm they are doing to the general eBay community. Prices range from low to high for false capacity usb flash drives.

To demonstrate the issues two Ebay sellers are being presented as Case studies:

  1. sportygigabite07 Ignorant And Determined To Reclaim Costs
  2. jinyoungm3 Sneaky. Forced To Stop. Reselling Thinking Coast Is Now Clear.

1) sportygigabite07 Ignorant And Determined To Reclaim Costs

Currently eBay seller sportygigabite07 has a listing for:


There is no picture of the usb flash drives being sold. This is very unusual. Who sells a lot of 19 64GB flash drives and does not offer a photograph of the items being sold?

sportygigabite07 mentions:


he does not know what is wrong. Dragon Dakel’s Watchdogs found this interesting, they investigated further. A clue exists in sportygigabite07 Feedback.

A person bought a Lot of two 128GB usb flash drives for an amazing price of only $72.00 US. In response to the buyer’s protest sportygigabite07 replied:

I did refund you for your negligence. You should read the description b4 u bid.

What was sportygigabite07 selling? Kingston DT200 128GB flash drives. What did the buyer not read, the negligence?

1 day special

We have purchased thousands of this flash drive. We have sold hundreds of them. Few were returned back to us because they were defective. Others that were sold didnt report any problems and was given excellent feedback . We are not sure if these items are authentic or not. These flash drives are in retail package and they are not checked for their capacity nor for any decetivness. They are all lableled 128gb on the flash drive and on the package. You are buying these items as is in sealed package. They come in three colors mostly black and gray. You are buying them cheap so dont ask for return or refund. Buy more than one item and pay only $0.99 in combined shipping for each additional item. We do not ship our items in regular USPS mail we only use Priority mailing so you can track your package.

sportygigabite07 purchased thousands and only sold hundreds? What happened to the balance? sportygigabite07 had this one day special in late January 2010. He has had more than 30 days to find out why there was a problem before he decided to offer a lot of 19. $180 ~ $250 US is a lot of money to spend for usb flash drives that are dangerous. Recent test results for fake Kingston DT200 usb flash drives are very disturbing according to SOSFakeFlash.

The FrankenFlash Project finds USA sellers and buyers use of the term “defective” – disconcerting. Many SOSFakeFlash investigations reveal there is nothing defective with almost flash drives buyers report in their testing results. Instead, the usb flash drives are those digitally altered to lie about their real capacity. These usb flash drives are referred to as “FAKES” by victims. In the case where a brand name is involved, “Counterfeit” is also added.

It appears sportygigabite07 is trying to avoid responsibility. Also difficult to explain, why sportygigabite07 has not bothered to investigate usb flash drives being returned. It is not difficult to search the internet on the subject.

SOSFakeFlash reports victims from ages of 14 to 80 are very capable to find information on fake usb flash drives. Even language barriers are not stopping people from finding out the truth. Google translators make it possible understand the messages at the project sites.

The Datatraveler DT200 128GB flash drive does not come in three different colours. Only one, black with grey.

To anyone who buys a Kingston Flash Drive on eBay, you should read this new guide immediately:

Kingston USB Flash Drives. How To Check You Have A Genuine One And Not A Counterfeit – Easy Guide. Kingston Technologies Fighting To Protect Consumers And Itself From Counterfeits.

So did sportygigabite07 do anything wrong? After all, he did mention “defect”.


1) sportygigabite07 has an obligation to understand the product he is selling. If he does not wish to do so, he should not be selling it. Period. It is not an acceptable excuse to say one is not a “computer person”. According to SOSFakeFlash too many Western sellers use this excuse. They endanger the public. Altered chips have tragic consequences to buyer data.

2) sportygigabite07 failed or appears unwilling to discover the cause of why usb flash drives were being returned.

3) sportygigabite07 failed to test the returns. If he did, it would be impossible for him to sell them on eBay, should he be a seller integrity and conscience.

5) sportygigabite07 failed to contact Kingston Technologies for assistance. If he had, they would been able to verify the items he was selling were fakes. It is also likely, sportygigabite07 would not have dared to continue selling them on eBay, not with Kingston Technologies aware.

4) sportygigabite07 could easily expend a little effort to open up the returned usb flash drives, decode the usb controller chips and flash drive storage chips to determine the true capacity. It would confirm and reinforce testing results from H2testw.

Many victims of fake flash memory purchases on eBay are not “computer people” – not computer geeks or IT professionals. They simply use technology. Victims learn fast. If average computer users can determine what is wrong, perform testing, disassemble usb flash drives or even repair them (provided H2testw indicates the chip is not substandard), what is this sellers excuse?

What is the worse thing sportygigabite07 has done and is doing?

Selling the items as defective. False capacity items and or counterfeits branded Kingston need to be reported to Kingston Technologies. Also a seller needs to contact law authorities to report the source of his or her acquisition.

They should not be sold on eBay. In doing so, sportygigabite07 has endangered the eBay community, data loss pending.

The sheer volume of Kingston DataTraveler DT200 counterfeits flooding eBay is beyond description. Not only sellers in the Orient are contributing to the problem, eBay sellers in the Western World are as well.

There is only one place for defective false capacity usb flash drives – the furnace or the trash bin. No fine print or disclaimer absolves.

False capacity is data poison. People lose files and information permanently. The FrankenFlash project has heard many gut wrenching stories. Businesses have been impacted, Government agencies, too.

There appears to be only one conclusion, regarding sportygigabite07: a stubborn determination to reclaim money spend on buying these usb flash drives. Buyers be dammed. Consequences to others, not his concern. He is hoping to cover himself with his fine print. If it would be a simple case of fraud, no group in the project would be so persistent or expend so much energy. What fuels members is an understanding of the consequences, the tragedy data and file loss brings to so many people around the world.

There are those intent on earning large profits from selling fake flash memory items. There are others who blindly refuse to accept their capital loss and assume they have the right to reclaim, at the expense of others.

eBay members who buy from eBay sellers in the United States hoping to avoid buying a fake will continue to suffer. The seller’s country is no indication that a person will receive a true capacity item. The probabilities of buying a fake on eBay have not changed, 80% to 95% will be false capacity.

sportygigabite07 is not an unusual case, especially for the United States. eBay sellers in the US seem to have an odd idea, the right to reclaim their capital costs and that eBay members should be the ones to compensate them for their losses. This behavior has also been seen in Canada and the UK. It is less common in Europe.

Are ethics dependent upon region or country? Or are they driven by the laws and penalties in countries?

2) jinyoungm3 Sneaky. Forced To Stop. Reselling Thinking Coast Is Now Clear.

American registered seller, jinyoungm3 was forced to stop selling fakes by a buyer. jinyoungm3 was selling:


After the stern warning received from a buyer, you would think jinyoungm3 would mend his ways and find something else to sell.

eBay sellers who are determined to sell fake memory products do not stop. They just wait a few months until they think buyers have forgotten about them.

Currently jinyoungm3 is testing the market to see if he can start up again.


If anyone sees this packaging:


Please do not bid or buy.

This packaging also comes in a variation of red and green, not only blue. According to SOSFakeFlash, not one item ever sold in this snap pack packaging has been proven to be true capacity. They usually contain a digitally altered usb flash drive with a real capacity ranging from 512MB to 4GB. No one every received 8GB or higher.

The escalation for higher advertised size continues on eBay. People forget, it is possible to alter a usb flash drive to report ANY size if you have the correct software. The real capacity people receive depends a lot on the price paid. At most when people pay higher than $80 US, they will be very fortunate if they receive 8GB.

Digitally altered flash drives are dangerous to use. You will lose files once you exceed real capacity. They can be difficult to repair if the most recent generation of fakes, according to InspectorTech. Mainly because it appears more grade D flash chips are being seen in fakes.

Everyone should test their usb flash drive before using it to store data. This applies to purchases on eBay and elsewhere. In testing you will be able to tell if you have defective flash drive or a false capacity one.

Never assume that eBay sellers NOT based in the Orient are safe to buy from. You can just as easily acquire a fake usb flash drive, mp player or memory card from an eBay seller registered elsewhere.

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