Suspending eBay Fake Flash Memory Sellers. The Case Of Action vs Inaction By eBay Victims Of Fraud. Victims Stop Powersellers From Fraud, Not EBay!

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eBay is the place where fake memory items are sold. More than 72 countries around the world have been affected. From amazing sizes of 500g usb flash drives, branded as Sony or Kingston flash memory products you will find advertised sizes ranging from 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, 256GB and odd sizes such as 40GB or 80GB. Transcend, Sandisk, Corsair and other brand names are affected. Non branded items are also a very serious problem. You can learn a lot more by reading the report published on two years of data from SOSFakeFlash in: Global Report – eBay Fake Memory 2008 – 2009

According to SOSFakeFlash, eBay does not take action against fraudulent eBay sellers. Instead eBay members take action to suspend and remove the sellers. They force eBay to stop them. Sellers who are all lowed to continue their fraud, are those for whom eBay members do not take action or report to SOSFakeFlash. On the other hand, when members do report in to SOSFakeFlash using their Report A Fake Tab, things start to become very unpleasant for fake flash memory sellers on eBay.

A good contrast between action and inaction on the part of eBay victims is seen in their recent article:

sunfeixia2009 eBay Fake Memory Seller And fortunefa886999. Is There A Connection Between These eBay Id’s?

Victory against a fake flash memory seller appears to be the result of eBay members who have a strong belief in justice. When people refuse to be frauded, things can happen. Of course it requires effort. SOSFakeFlash expects victims to do their part.

Some people incorrectly assume that SOSFakeFlash will take care of things.

Nothing could be further from the truth. SOSFakeFlash needs the participation of victims, in fact it is a requirement. There are many groups in the FrankenFlash project, most center on reporting information.

Techreporters has learned that most of the teams are busy investigating and documenting information on the subject of fake flash memory around the world. SOSFakeFlash can and does organize victims, but expects that they show commitment. When they do, eBay fake flash sellers are soon suspended and stopped from selling. When they don’t, an eBay fake flash memory seller is permitted to continue frauding.

What is the main reason the FrankenFlash project exists? Is it because of the money people lose to fraudulent sellers? No.

The real reason the FrankenFlash project exists is because of the consequences fake flash memory products – the loss of data and files. You can’t put a price on lost information or what it means to a victim. There have been many tragic stories. It impacts general users, companies and even governments.

The eBay arena, is important. It is global. Sellers can be stopped, they can be suspended from selling. The recent xprodeal case is one of the best examples! Action by eBay victims. The case of ebay seller obamastores is a study of inaction.

Education of the global public on the terrible practise of reprogramming flash memory chips is important. Awareness is needed. Recently SOSFakeFlash asked that people document their experiences see:

SOSFakeFlash Quik Note Status Report 20100217

in their own native languages and at local internet sites. TechReporters at FakeFlashNews, thinks this is a wonderful idea. Recent SEO metrics from the project indicate that this is vital. It is also key against the war of fake flash memory items.

Additional information is revealing that many visitors to the FrankenFlash project are in low income brackets. Is that a surprise? No.

It means that people who have little money to spend are the most vunerable to acquiring fake flash memory items. Especially on eBay. They need to get the message, to be warned. Better to have one genuine capacity item then many deadly fakes.

eBay is not the place to shop for usb flash drive pen sticks, mp players, or memory cards – it is just too dangerous. SOSFakeFlash has too much evidence. Will members on eBay ever learn? FakeFlashNews is unclear on the answer. What is clear, is the only people who can really protect members are other members, not eBay. If a member chooses to act and works with the SOSFakeFlash team, things happen, when members do not, fraud continues and more members suffer the consequences.