Is PayPal Changing Position About Returning Counterfeit Flash Memory Items To Fraudulent eBay Sellers As A Condition Of Refund?

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SOSFakeFlash and eBay members have been battling against fake (false capacity) eBay Sellers of MPx Players, usb flash drives and memory cards for almost two years.

Early on, PayPal did not understand the issue and many victims lost their claims and refunds.

Later victims were assaulted by demonic email robots (the opinion of victims). Inhuman email templates, simply inserting the buyer’s name and the seller’s, demanding return of items at the buyers own expense. In many cases, sellers provided fake return addresses and then claimed most innocently they never received the item back. To be expected, when the address provided is not real.

Some sellers in the Orient actually used an address area in China that had been torn down two years ago!

The objective of fake flash memory sellers on eBay is to stall, use up time. Both eBay and PayPal set strict time limits for claims.

According to SOSFakeFlash, many fraudulent seller in the Orient are delaying shipment up to several weeks, to reduce the potential of a buyer finding out the truth and making a claim.

When you consider the victim who purchased the flash memory item must be sharp, curious and able to navigate and search the world wide web for information quickly, many do not make the deadlines in time. Exactly what fraudulent sellers count on.

Those who do find out and who press claims with Paypal are a cut above the average person. They are more comfortable using the internet. They are willing to fight for their rights and dislike fraud – being cheated.

For some, the claim is quickly resolved by PayPal, for others it is a nightmare. In most countries it is illegal to use the postal system to send or receive counterfeit merchandise. False capacity flash memory items whether brand name or not, fall under this category. When a victim opts to return the item, they frequently participate in the crime, violating their countries laws.

Over many months according to SOSFakeFlash, the message from PayPal is inconsistent. They are documented and on record as saying they agree counterfeit items should not be returned, yet their email robots do not agree and send messages to victims that they are required to do so. Failure to comply, means the claim will be decided in favour of the fraudulent seller.

There are reports that eBay is taking over the settling of disputes between buyers and sellers according to SOSFakeflash. Currently there is little information available except that it will be a phased in approach and will not apply in many regions of the eBay world for some time, if ever.

Meanwhile it appears that PayPal might be taking a new approach.

To learn more please review a new comment recently received at SOSFakeFlash by eBayer

Grump3 . He fought against eBay seller: sunfeixia2009 Ebay Fake Flash Memory Seller Alert – China. 32GB SD SDHC Flash Memory Card 32G Secure Digital

Grump3 has provided excellent documentation. When PayPal demands third party documentation (refusing to accept the output of H2testw from you, all you need to do is visit a computer store where they have technicians or a even computer repair store. Tell them your story, show them your fake flash memory item (usb flash drive, mpx player, memory card). You will find most will be sympathetic to your situation and your lesson learned on eBay!

Few will demand payment from you for their services, after all, having learned your lesson they hope you will consider becoming their customer in future. You should know most dislike eBay, it hurts their local business. They sell genuine capacity memory items at fair and realistic prices. They can not compete with the fraudulent fake flash memory sellers on eBay.

One eBay member fought for 8 months, he got all of his refunds. PayPal Refunds Victim Of Fake – False Capacity USB Flash Drives Purchased On Ebay. 8 Month Battle Leads To Success.

By the time he was finished, PayPal had to pay for the documentation, the items were fake!

If PayPal demands you destroy the item and fax them an attestation that you complied to receive your refund, do it! It should be destroyed, the item is dangerous to data and files! It is also fair.