SOSFakeFlash Releases Information On Prices Paid For Fake Flash Memory Items. Covers 2008 – 2009 On eBay

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SOSFakeFlash recently released a Global report on the prices sellers earn and what the average bid prices are for fake memory purchases on eBay. It represents a two year effort for the FrankenFlash Project. It seems that ignorance on the costs of flash memory chips, causes so many eBay members to fall victim to fraudulent sellers on eBay.

Despite the efforts of the various groups in the FrankenFlash Project, eBay continues to resist taking responsibility for the problem and will not change the criteria or rules for listing usb flash drives, memory cards or MPx players on eBay.

Instead, according to SOSFakeFlash, they aid and abet the fraudulent sellers. The desperation to earn revenue at the expense of members is astonishing.

You will find the SOSFakeFlash website, overwhelming you with documented evidence. TechReporters at FakeFlashNews wonders, just how many alerts does SOSFakeFlash have to issue against sellers? How many victims are needed? How many comments recorded by frauded buyers?

Meanwhile the FrankenFlash Project struggles to educate the consumer public. Here is the article SOSFakeFlash released. Read the evidence, judge for yourselves on how serious the issue is on eBay for fake and false capacity flash memory items.

Reprinted From SOSFakeFlash January 8th, 2010:


Why do people become victims on eBay when they buy flash memory cards, usb flash drives or MPx Players?

Members do not understand the real costs of flash memory chips. They assume the low prices on eBay are because the retail outlet has been removed from the picture. Wrong!

Please visit FlashFakeCentral . The site was fast tracked to the internet.

You have two very important lessons assigned to you:

A) Consult Flash Memory prices. Flash Memory Chips – Prices. You will even find a current hotlink to the spot prices for the day.

B) Read the Global report. It covers SOSFakeFlash’s efforts for 2008 to the end of 2009. Global – eBay Fake Memory. You will find out how much fake flash sellers receive in bid prices for their false capacity items depending on their continent of registration, What the average buying prices are by victims, even how the false capacity sizes offered is changing by business quarter.

After you have completed your lessons, return to SOSFakeFlash to test your item, report in and begin your fight against having been frauded on eBay.