zhangjiayun1976 eBay seller Amazing Fraud. 64GB Data Traveler 200 DT200 USB U Flash Drive sold For only £15.59 Makes £4022 Profit at eBay Member Expense!

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zhangjiayun1976 was being monitored by SOSFakeFlash. Offering 11 different multiple item listings, zhangjiayun1976 has deregistered after frauding eBay members. This is the new approach of eBay sellers intent on fraud.


Notice that zhangjiayun1976 only has 3 feedbacks. The new weapon in selling fake flash memory products on eBay is to delay shipping, not offer feedback and deregister quickly so there is no evidence of fraud. These are eBay seller sacrifice id’s.

zhangjiayun1976 had 11 different listings. In just one listing, zhangjiayun1976 frauded 258 buyers.


and earned £15.59 x 258 = £4022

In running from eBay, not leaving feedback for buyers, the victims will not be known. There is no possibility for eBay fake flash angles to warn buyers. There is only the post from FakeFlashNews. eBay once more assists fraud. It is tragic.

Kingston Technologies, a respected brand name again is damaged in reputation by eBay and fraudulent sellers in China. They struggle against those who are trying to profit by using their brand name to sell counterfeits and false capacity usb flash drives. They are losing the battle.

Kingston Technologies unfortunately chose to produce their products in China. China does not have any security or safety practices in place to fight against fraud for flash memory products. They chose China in an attempt to reduce costs. They are now paying the price. zhangjiayun1976 and many other eBay sellers took advantage of their brand name. The cycle is endless, the damage to Kingston continues.

eBay sellers like zhangjiayun1976 demonstrate how fraud rules eBay, how brand name sellers are impotent, unable to fight back. Anyone who buys on eBay from an seller registered in the orient is likely to be frauded. The ignorance of eBay members is a factor. Wanting everything for nothings is another.

zhangjiayun1976 is very happy and laughing to the bank. This eBay id, shows how easy fraud is possible and how eBay is powerless to respond. eBay will do anything to protect the revenue it generates from sellers in the Orient. It does not care about you.

Money talks, bullshit walks.

Please review flash memory pricing information: Flash Memory Chips – Prices

Read Global Report – eBay Fake Memory 2008 – 2009

If you purchased from this seller, please test the memory capacity of the item immediately using: H2testw. It is free. If you confirm your item is false capacity, please report in to SOSFakeFlash immediately! For additional information and help, visit the SOSFakeFlash site.