wefqewerfe11265485 Frauds On eBay £9305 Earned In One Listing For 64GB! Buy Now £12.49

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wefqewerfe11265485 eBay Seller registered in China sold fake usb flash drive pensticks using multiple item listings. He is a new breed of fake memory sellers invading eBay.

SOSFakeFlash team members have been quietly research this new breed. They use only a few listings and offer buy now at extremely cheap prices. £12.49 for 64GB? Not possible. wefqewerfe11265485 had 8 different listings for 32GB and 64GB advertised capacity.

SOSFakeFlash gathered the information on the seller. For just one listing alone wefqewerfe11265485 745 units.

£12.49 x 745 = £9305





wefqewerfe11265485 ran from eBay. Closed shop. No eBay is not suspending the sellers, they register the moment they are detected. You can expect wefqewerfe11265485 to open his fake flash memory shop under a new id on eBay shortly. SOSFakeFlash desperately needs the addresses for eBay Fake Flash Memory sellers. If you have one, send it in to sosfakeflashdrive@gmail.com.

According to SOSFakeFlash the number of sellers using this new technique of dump and run are increasing. They have seen too many sellers use this new approach. It strands victims. It hides the evidence. As a result SOSFakeFlash is switching to investigative mode. FakeFlashNews and FlashFakeCentral are assisting SOSFakeFlash.

TechReporters will be publishing on eBay sellers who use multiple item listings to sell flash memory at impossible prices. No seller, particularly in the orient is a charity, they do not sell to lose money. To combat the fraud and provide early assistance to victims, FakeFlashNews will be assisting. We have no intention of allowing this fraud to escape the notice of the Global community. Let us see if eBay can wiggle away from their responsibility to address the issue.

Recent reports from those sympathetic to the cause against fake flash memory being sold within China report that the Chinese government has little interest in addressing the issue. It is common knowledge. It is condoned. Select your flash memory source in China with great care.

If you are an eBay member, please do not bid or buy for any mpx player, memory card or usb flash drive on eBay, unless you wish to become a victim and lose your information. The case of wefqewerfe11265485 should clearly demonstrate the point to you.

Please review flash memory pricing information: Flash Memory Chips – Prices


Read Global Report – eBay Fake Memory 2008 – 2009

If you purchased from this seller, please test the memory capacity of the item immediately using: H2testw. It is free. If you confirm your item is false capacity, please report in to SOSFakeFlash immediately! For additional information and help, visit the SOSFakeFlash site.