Report Flash Memory Fake Capacity Sizes Sold On eBay. Demand for 16GB Down, Up For 32GB 64GB According To SOSFakeFlash. Fraudulent Sellers Adapt To Market Demands.

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SOSFakeFlash tracks the selling of mp3 mp4 players, memory cards and usb flash drives sold on eBay that are false capacity. Commonly known as “Fakes”, these flash memory items are reprogrammed to report a larger capacity then the actual flash memory storage chip(s) can hold.

eBay members who have been frauded, report in to the SOSFakeFlash website sending information and evidence on the eBay sellers who frauded them. The fourth QTR data is not yet complete, but as little change is expected they have released new metrics.

It appears that eBay fake flash sellers are quick to adapt to the market demands, resizing flash memory items to what consumers want to buy. With the right software tools and usb controller chips, it is possible to turn flash memory storage chips to report just about any desired size to operating systems. Members of the FrankenFlash Project have been able to carry out the process successfully on numerous items, faking size up to 1.5 Terabytes.

According to SOSFakeFlash’s data, the demand for 16GB flash memory fakes is decreasing. Instead 32GB and 64GB false capacity have risen in the last three months.


The most serious gain is for 64GB capacity. 32GB capacity was once popular in Q3 of 2008, however as SOSFakeFlash lauched it’s internet presence to fight false capacity items sold on eBay, this fake size quickly dropped – it was too obvious and easy to spot. Instead eBay fake flash sellers reprogrammed the tiny 2GB and 4GB chips to 16GB to avoid early detection. As the cost of genuine 32GB flash drives decreased it is clear 32GB fake capacity has risen in the last 9 months.

The current popular fake sizes being sold on eBay are now 32GB ad 64GB. Buyers unfamiliar with the costs of flash memory chips continue to be deceived.

SOSFakeFlash continues to advise that all buyers test any mp player, memory card or usb flash drive purchased on eBay prior to storing any data or files on these items to avoid data loss. Be advised that 85% to 95% of all flash memory items sold on eBay are false capacity – fakes.

How cheap is a 32GB usb flash drive being sold for?

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